Meiyiting Brush Set Haul and Review

When it comes to brushes and other make-up accessories, I am not so choosy and I don't go looking for a particular brand. As far as the brushes are cute and girly, they'll do well with me! However, after using this Brush set from Meiyiting, a Korean brand, my preferences have changed.... 

One sentence: No doubt it's girly and cute but sadly it doesn't do anything much apart from giving your skin a smooth dreamy feel! 

When I was out shopping on the stores of Shivajinagar, I came across this cute shop which sold cute(very cute actually!) cosmetics and accessories. There, my eyes fell on this cute brush set and I was like Omg! I want it! I WANT IT!
The brush set comes in a cute sturdy packaging. It's a five piece brush set which includes an eyebrow brush, an eyeshadow and eye lash brush, lipstick brush, bronzer brush and my fav - blusher brush!

The brushes are quite sturdy and effective. The bristles are not delicate. They are real smooth and give your skin a beautiful feel!
The bristles of the blusher brush are very soft and not effective at all! I had to literally throb my cheek in order to get some blush on them using this brush! >_<

Verdict - Cute,chic,smooth, but does nothing other than give your skin a soft furry feeling! keeping the prize(100 bucks) in mind, I think its a cute,pocket friendly buy. Buy it if you are looking out for brushes which give sheer coverage and feel like a dream on your skin! ^_^

P.S - It didn't turn up as good as I had expected it to be... So maybe I'll try painting with it? O_o

P.P.S - That's my nephew's hand in the last pic. While I was trying to place the brushes properly to click pics, the little one was busy mutilating the brushes and trying to get them in his mouth :P ^_^

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