Gifting a bride (Sister)

Did I tell you my sister is getting married? No? ok iam telling you now Open-mouthed smile
So, coming to the gifting thing, gifting a girl is never a difficult thing , there is huge array of choices from make up to perfumes to choose from. But for a sister, the bride it a bit complicated.  I asked this Sister, a to be bride of mine what are the kind of gifts  she would love to be gifted, here is what she listed
A designer Clutch:From satya paul or forever new , I love them .
Perfumes: with fancy packaging please
Shoes: High heels , comfortable aka branded in my size.
Expensive Make up: Mac, Loreal  or Bobbi brown chalega
Gift cards or cash: It is so much better than being gifted stuff I don’t like.
Whoaa this bride love it expensive Winking smile no mention of creative stuff.
Other things you can gift a bride:
A spa Gift certificate
His her Watches

Me: We need to think of a gift for her.
Other sis: Something creative , something out of Box.
~2 weeks later we are still deciding!~
me: Hmm thought of something?
other sis: Yeah something like a personalized basket or a scrapbook of memories ?
Me: Yeah yeah , the marriage is like in 2 weeks from now, iam yet to find my perfect shoes amidst all  this wedding havoc you want us to do stuff like scrapbooking .
other sis : Ok don’t freak , maybe a perfume or clutch?.
Me: Perfumes get over, something which will last like forever?
other sis: diamonds Smile with tongue out
Me: Get serious ! Oh idea how about gold?
other sis: Yes , yes great idea A gold ring it is. we both can pool in money and it is considered a great investment too .
Ok so it is decided we will be gifting this bride a simple gold ring (most probably studded). This will be a great gift because one the bride loves rings(mostly statement cocktail rings) and two she will wear it almost everyday.
So the marriage is like a week away and we havent shopped for the ring yet. lots to be done. The plan is to accompany mom to Malabar gold and shop for the ring .. stay tuned for picturesWinking smile

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