Hottest Jewelry trends this season

It's said that jewelry and other decorative items are as old as the human race itself. I am a big Jewel junkie myself and I am sure you are one too! So without further delay, let's have a quick sneak peak at the hottest jewelry trends this season!


Floral jewelry is never out of fashion! It has that perfect elegance teamed up with that distinct naturistic touch which instantly pampers a woman's heart and gives her that extra boost of confidence and prettiness! Floral jewelry has come in much demand this season. What with the summers just next doors, it's time you too go and grab your favourite floral jewelry!  

Cuffs are another piece of jewelry which are hot and trending this season! Be it earcuffs, lip cuffs, handcuffs or nose cuffs, they never fail to add zing to any outfit! It also gives your look an edgy and sexy effect! Below are some cool new cuff designs and trends:

My present jewel obsession are Cuffs! What's yours? 

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