When in doubt , wear RED !

Hola peeps !
Women have a fetish for bright bold colors !
And red is among the most favorites ! After all wearing anything is red makes a women feel extroverted , optimistic, courageous and confident.

Last time I observed women on a red almost all had something red on them, it would either be a lip color, a hairband, a handbag or a red bangles (No wonder India is filled with married womenWinking smile !
So when I was on my way back home I thought of finding how many handbags I owned in the bold color RED ! And Viola I almost had five !

So yeah this one I bought from Max on a sale ;)
Love it ! Totally eye candy\y, brightens up my dull days !I like the sturdy handles , apart from a being a tad bit heavy I can find no other con!


And this one is my top favorite bling clutch! Bought from Allen Solly at Garuda Mall !
Not a single day when I have worn it and people didn't stop by to compliment my sweet red hot clutch *wink wink*

100_5196      100_5194

Another red bag I own is a U bag I bought from FashionAndYou.com ! Its the most comfy handbag ever ! No idea what the material is but such a bag is a must in every woman's wardrobe!
The bow adds to the beauty of the bag. LOVE !

This cutie metal strap handbag is unbranded and the what a beauty it is ! Comfy and stylish , bought from abroad!

I love how the white contrasts beautifully with red! Favorite favorite Oh yes its another favorite !!! *Grinning*

100_5187     100_5188

This one is a jute bag by Earthen Me ! Superlove , very handy ! It makes grocery shopping funky and fun also I carried a few times to college! Look ma, I is eco friendly too LOL!


Before I end the Red bag rage , remember what Bill Blass had to say about red ?


And finally posting this handbag from ‘Alessia’ , bought it from Limeroad. Wasn’t a fan of it though. Hence gifted it to mom . She was all happy and sappy *cheeky grin* *wink*


Do you own bags in red too? Okay I know you would own a lot more shoes in red than handbags yet 2 or 3 bags in red are a must for us women , isn’t it ?

Its saturday the weekend…. hence party ..play or study (feel so sorry for you) and until next time …


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