Flipkart launches 'Flipkart First'

What's the one word which comes to you when you want to shop online? Come lets spell it loud and clear - F.L.I.P.K.A.R.T !

True that baby! I can't imagine online shopping without Flipkart. Infact, Flipkart is the reason I have reverted to complete online shopping nowadays!

So, I thought I'll update all you shopaholics out there with the latest which is happening on Flipkart.Com.

Flipkart has launched a new initiative for their valued shoppers called "Flipkart First" where they offer amazing features like 'Free in a day delivery', 'Free shipping', '60 Day replacement', and 'Priority customer service' for their customers who subscribe to it.

That's not all! To mark this opening, they are offering free three months subscription to selected 75,000 customers.
So what are you waiting for? If you are a Flipkart-stricken person like me, then go sign up here ASAP! 

A true Shopaholic,

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