Sunsilk Natural Recharge Range: In-photo Review

Have you ever spent sleepless nights Googling the secret behind Madhuri Dixit's gorgeous hair?
When the Genie from Aladdin's lamp came out(in your dreams of course) and granted you three wishes, did you ask for hair like Diana penty's or Sonakshi Sinha's? If you did - come along, we are a team!

From the time I was a little girl(OK little-r!), I have dreamed of long, gorgeous, recharged tresses! You can call it the result of watching too many fairy tales or nursing too many Barbie dolls, but the truth remains as it is - I am a hair-stricken girl in and out! I like them long and gorgeous, blooming and recharged on my head.

So, you can't imagine how happy I was when I came to learn that Sunsilk has launched an all new range called the "Natural recharge'!

Being a Banglorian who is surrounded with greenery everywhere, I am a total nature lover for whom, just the words 'Nature' and 'Paraben free' fall like music on the ears. I am addicted to my collection of hair products and can't imagine my life without them, and if they are nature based than, double that!

Today I am going to.....err...I would rather say, "Today, my Sunsilk 'Natural Recharge' shampoo+conditioner bottles are going to share their owner's experience with you all!"

Ehem! So that was how I felt about the new range by Sunsilk in the products' own words. If you too are a nature lover like me who loves to treat her hair with beautiful fragrant liquids which boost her confidence by recharging her hair, then go grab this Shampoo+Conditioner Duo like NOW!

Life is short,
Stay fresh and recharged,

Psst! Mind you! When I said I get Genie dreams and hair nightmares, I wasn't kidding!

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