Tips and Toes Lipstick in 'Ginger' Review

I have this strange inkling towards products whose packaging is awesome and i must say, I was quite impressed by this new range of lipsticks by Tips and Toes! Only the chic packaging is enough to lure you into buying it at the first place!

What Tips and Toes Says:
The new Hydrarich Lipstick loves your lips with lusciousness and style. Explore creamy colors that caress the sensuous curves of your pout and delight in a medley of lustrous hues.
Every girl should own a nude lipstick which suits her shade.

Tips and Toes lipstick in the shade 'Ginger' is a lovely peachy nude shade which seemingly blends into my skin tone and evens out the little flaw lines in my lips.

I use it as a base for all my sheer glosses or just apply it for a nude make up feel teamed with kohled eyes.

Texture: The texture is creamy and light weight. Doesn't feel heavy on your lips! Just one swipe is enough to thoroughly cover all your lips.

Staying Power: It lasts for a good 3-4 hours without meals in between of course.
Transfers?: Partly!
1. Ideal for pigmented lips and people who love nude lippies.
2. Soft and smooth texture which glides beautifully.
3. The soft sombre scent is lovely.
4. Packaging is AWESOME!
5. Lovely range of shades are available.
6. Super hydrating!
7.Gives a Glossy finish
8.Suitable for dry lips

1. Staying power is about 3-4 hours only
2.Well...this might be somewhat 'me-centric' but I hate this shade! Looks yuck on me!

Verdict: I am in LOVE with the packaging ^_^. This lipstick is one of the best range of lipstick by Tips and Toes. Give these beauties(in good shades) a try and I am sure you will love them! :)

BlingSparkle Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the pathetic shade ^_^)

Make good choices,

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