Haul: Pretty hair accessories!

You know that feeling when you are in a bad mood and a simple haul of pretty things magically brightens your mood and releases your stress? Well, a few days back something like this happened with me. One time I was furious and agitated and the other time, my anger had melted and before we know, I was chirpily roaming around the whole house trying out all these pretty clips and hairbands. When someone told money can't buy happiness, they just didn't know where to look for it! *winks*

We sisters hauled these pretty hair accessories from a nearby mall and couldn't stop ourselves from sharing the news with you all! :) Each piece of accessory is to die for. The little sparkling studs on them add that extra oomph factor. We love!

Here's a visual treat for you!:

It's all about the bling in the right quantities,
Stay pretty,

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