Friday Fives: Five things we love about Ruslaan Mumtaaz's wedding

You might be wondering that you have seen the man in the above pic somewhere and you might have already got the answer - yes! He's none other than the gorgeous TV actor who got a break in Bollywood in the film MP3 and still continues to steal hearts on the show “Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara” !

Guess what?! He tied the knot recently to his girlfriend, the ultimate woman of his life, Nirali Mehta!

Here is sneak peak into the five things we truly loved about his wedding! All photo credits to "Strange Sadhu Photography"

#1 The chemistry between the couple

Aren't these young love birds adoring?! We were head over heels with their amazing chemistry and joy filled faces.

#2 Jaqueline's star shaped Mang tika
Isn't it a true trend setter?! What a great choice of standing out in a wedding and yet not overshadowing the bride!
jacqueline-fernandes (1)

#3 The colour burst of dance and drama in the Baraat


#4 The whole dance class romance angle!
If you are not aware, this couple met at Shiamak davar's dance classes which they both attend out of passion for dance.
ruslaan-nirali=wedding (14)

#5 The 'Happily ever after' feel

ruslaan-nirali=wedding (8)
Let's wish the couple loads of joy and a true happily ever after. (:


[Photo credits given in the link above]

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