Kristen Stewart at Paris for Fashion week: Yay or Nay?

Kristen Stewart was spotted in Paris  for Fashion Week. Specifically, she was in Paris as part of her Chanel contract, in which she’s the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris-Dallas Chanel Collection. Kristen has been promoting the brand vigorously, she has been spotted flaunting sweatshirts and carrying bags from Chanel and basically looking like a walking Chanel advertisement.
Kristen stewart paris fashion week  
Kristen chose sheer white harem pants with built-in granny panties and a matching crop top. You like ?
It’s a different look with that new hair cut of hers, but its a look Kristen pulls off neatly. I like the way she’s styled too, plus the sunglasses. But the styling of those pants and the short hair is too much to take in for this look, not that she had a choice.Also the silver jewelry she accessorised her look with is something she could have totally avoided , they don’t add much to the look.
It looks like she’s chopped off much of her hair too.
Paris Kristen harem pants

You like her new hairstyle? The hairstyle is a downer for me!
Ps: Don’t you think she looks like Tom Cruise’s sister or daughter in the first pic, that nose that facial expression !
Stewart in Paris , Sheer pants
The whole look did not fare even a good old 4 ! Its a Nay from top to bottom !
Image source: Googled.

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