Trend Talk: Ombre Lips. Love

Hello everybody this is my firs post on Blingsparkle and iam very excited and i hope you enjoy reading my posts too.

I love all things ombre . These days ombre is high on trend from hair colour, clothings, D├ęcor, nails to lips.

For starters on fashion front Ombre is a French term meaning ‘Shaded’ . It refers to graduation of color from dark to light, or vice versa.

Ombre lips involves lipsticks in different coloured skillfully applied with lighter colours in centre and darker colour around the lip edges. This trend not only makes lips look fuller it also gives it a 3D kind of effect to them. Getting an Ombre lip right requires a lot of practice but if you are good with creating looks with eye shadows this shouldn’t be a tough drill.
Ombre Lips is pretty daring if you ask me and I wouldn’t try it until there something like a fancy dress or something. Actually iam sure I would never be able to skillfully  make an ombre lip on myself, it would require loads of practice but some yummy ombre lip tutorials on beauty blogs are urging me to try one like NOW! There are some really subtle ombre lips and I would soon be giving it a try just inside the four walls of my home to see how it goes!
If you are in the mood to try something offbeat and make a mark this definitely is the trend for you. But make sure you keep the styling and rest of make up minimal when trying the ultra bold ombre lips.

So, what say ?Is ombre lips your thing??

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