Ways to make a dream wedding fun and wackier !

It is very rare to find a woman who hasn’t watched “Cinderella” and dreamed about marrying her prince. By the time most women reach the age of 15, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding.
A couple in love and who are ready to tie the knot want their wedding to be unique, but with the abundance of inspiration it can be challenging to mix it up.Below are a few ways to make your wedding/Reception a unique one and to make sure your big day stands out…
1. You could try this hanging mini hot air balloon wedding reception centerpiece. No doubt it would be the center of attraction !
Hanging Mini hot air balloon wedding reception centerpiece. So unique

2. Personalize the cake ! A wedding cake with vows! Now isn’t that perfect ??
Wedding cake with their Vows
3. Get her fingerprint on his wedding band.
Her fingerprint on his wedding band
4.Set the Stage Like It’s a Fairytale. It’s hard to go wrong with a stunning floral backdrop for your “I Do’s.”
Pink florals aisle style
5.Walk down the aisle in a colored gown ! It’s a trend now ! Don’t be afraid to try something new!
6. Try Swarovski bridal henna , to give that extra glow !
Swarovski henna for brides - to give brides extra glow on their wedding day.
Image source: Twitter

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