Colour Crush ~ Blood Red

It's sexy, it's sazzy
It's hot, it's the colour of 'the knot'
Oh! It's simply fab and plush
Meet Blood Red, my present Colour crush!

Red is a colour with fifty shades. It's the symbol of sacrifice, passion and courage. It represents Love, anger and joy. There's so much a little pop of red can do to an outfit.

For example, red lips go with almost everything available in a woman's wardrobe. That's the reason every woman should own a shade of red lipstick which suits her skin tone. 

A single pop of blood red accessory can turn your otherwise sober outfit to plush. Red bags are the latest trends.

I have seen red being associated with love since I was a little girl. There's a reason why red roses can do what other coloured flowers can't - It's because the colour itself speaks wonders, it entices you, gives you an unspoken message and brings a smile on your face!

The first Red product I ever wore(to the extent of my memory of course) was a charming Blood red ethnic suit which complimented my skin perfectly and filled me with zest every time I wore it.

The latest Red in my wardrobe is an Allen Solly clutch and a Lino Perros bag. (Pics below)

My favourite Red lip products are: 
*Revlon Fire gloss
*NYX lip cream Amsterdam
*Elle 18 lip smoothie in cherry red.
*Nivea hydra shine lip balm+lip colour in Pomegranate and strawberry.
*Revlon Just bitten balm in 'Adore'(It has hints of red)

I am lusting upon:
*NYX lip cream Amsterdam. Want to buy loads of them! :D
*Mac RiRi Woo lipstick ^_^ *you are going to be mine soon!*
*NYX cream blush. The intense pigmentation red one!
*A pair of gorgeous Red pumps
*Many many more things! :P

Recently I bought a polka dotted red cutie pie dress from Avirate, Flipkart, but it didn't turn out what I had expected it to be. Returned it today :( Thanks to Flipkart's awesome return policy!

Here are some pictures of the current reds I am in love with:
Allen Solly Spicy Red clutch
Revlon gloss in 'fire'
Red bag from MAX fashions!
Gold and and pink pearl ring with red undertones.

What's your present colour crush? Share it below :)
Lotsa love,
~ Bushra

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