Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream Review

Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream  is an all time favorite like a winter staple which iam using since iam 13 or 14 or even earlier who knows!. At my place we always have one tub of this in stock and I used a lot of this in the past few days when my skin got drier and I thought I should review this multipurpose beauty here.
Price: Rs 249
Quantity: 300ml
Shelf life : 30 months

Packaging: It comes in a Nivea typical white plastic tub with a screw cap which makes this cream travel friendly. But I have to put my hand in the tub to take out the cream making it unhygienic !
Texture: I love this cream for its texture which is very light almost like a thick body lotion making it easy to apply on body.
Nivea soft cream is pure white in colour and stands true to its claim of being refreshingly moisturizing and soft. It hydrates and moisturizes very nicely and is very effective is combating dryness. This cream leaves skin with a very smooth but a greasy and dewy feel so I don’t recommend it for use on face especially if you don’t have dry skin.
I used this on my hands which had flakes due to dryness and it worked great making  my skin soft and hydrated. Since I have dry skin I use this cream even on my face after make up removal before hitting the bed.This cream is best applied indoors and at night since it leaves skin looking oily and greasy and attracts a lot of dust.
Overall this is a very basic affordable cream almost like a vaseline for skin and you could do with a tub of this  your place. When all else fails this can give the desired moisture and hydration your skin requires.
Availability is definitely not an issue with this cream as it is available at all drug stores and I brought my recent tub from flipkart, so it is even available online.

Rating: ★★★/5

BlingSparkle Verdict: This is a good value for money multipurpose moisturizing cream which beauties with very dry skin could try.

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