Accessorized - Latest Ring Trends !

Trendy and bold statement rings are often one of the popular choices when it comes to accessories.
Offbeat rings have been getting a lot of attention lately. Fashionistas & celebrities seemed to find its function for more than just to show off their engagement or marriage status.

In the past few years, I have seen a lot of jewelry trends transition from big and bold statement pieces  to small, dainty, and detail-oriented pieces. And I 'm loving both the big and the dainty ones!

Over the years, women successfully have turned this simple accessory into a fashionable statement accessory. Jewelry and accessory designers have given them the satisfaction by creating and innovating unique designs and going beyond the ordinary. 

This fashion bug has caught up on us and here are few rings we bought from the latest ring trends !

Chokers & Charms Metal Rings :
It's time to put away your stack of boring & ordinary rings and start stacking up embellished silver and gold rings are perhaps the most of-the-moment adornment we can think of !
Styled with sparkling stones, this chunky silver ring will add instant glamour to your everyday looks. Grab it today from Limeroad for at a discounted price or you could buy it from flipkart here !

Stretch Rings:
Stretch rings are made of elastic that literally stretches when worn and can fit any finger, which makes it quite unique and versatile. They are usually held together by an elastic thread and a number of double eye links, you can find animal and floral designs on most of them. But they just don’t end like that.

2 Finger Rings 
Double finger rings are a super duper Hot fashion Accessory Trend! If you are blessed with a bold personality, or you want to get cool cheeky look, you can cleverly carry of this trend. Yes.. For SURE. It’s time to get obsessed with 2 Finger rings. Wear two Finger Rings with your casual outfit and make it a out of the box look !

Pearls, floral and animal designed two finger rings are most happening these days. Apart from that you can get it in silver, gold and platinum too. If you want to match it with your attire, get custom made diamond double finger rings !

We are totally smitten by this trend and look forward to stack more of such fashionable statement rings !Are you a fan of it or not?

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