Spring-Summer Jewelry trend : Statement Rings!

trend alert: Statement rings
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Statement rings can be worn at the bottom or top of fingers.
From midi rings to statement cuffs, see all the jewellery we can't get enough of this spring..I love big, statement rings. They take only a few seconds (if that) to put on and they can elevate an outfit to a whole new level.  These rings are one of the smaller components of my jewelry collection but  are definitely a key part.  Here are a few of my rings that are currently on my dresser and a photo of me wearing (and drinking) one of my favorites:
Despite my love for large, dramatic rings it took these two photos from Pinterest to inspire me to write a post about how much I love statement rings, both cocktail and otherwise.

Here we take a look at some of our favourite styles available at Flipkart and Ebay.

Double Finger Rings:
The two-finger  ring trend no doubt is an edgy take on the cocktail rings.This two finger rings scream of-the-moment, a stylish and eye-popping accessory that can toughen any outfit (Mind you ANY OUTFIT!) The two finger ring trend has erupted not only among the fashionistas but also in our everyday lives. At first, it was just celebrities, bloggers and trendsetters who wore them, but now we all have the chance to flaunt this accessory. As is often the case, less is more. If you have a two finger ring, it automatically becomes one of your stand-out jewelerly accessories so bracelets or statement neckpieces or any other such pieces on your arms and hands would look out of place if worn at the same time. Hence a two ring finger will have an intriguing stylish effect on your look. Here are few of my favorite picks !
Read about my Two fingered ring haul and more about this trend here.

Double finger rings
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Twisted rings :
Twisted rings look intriguing and can give a quirky edge to a sophisticated outfit. We love this!this versatile ring can be worn day and night and will look amazing with a simple black dress. Team with other statement rings to create a really on trend look.

Colored rings :
A brightly coloured ring will really make a statement, on its own or worn with other coloured rings.
These dazzling ring is perfect for spring/summer and will look good with both brightly coloured and plain outfits.

Luxurious Rings
These rings cost quite a few big bucks leaving one bankrupt but with all the dazzling stones and diamonds no one is complaining.
I love big, statement rings. They take only a few seconds (if that) to put on and they can elevate an outfit to a whole new level. 
Here are my favorites among the luxurious rings sparkling on Online shopping websites all over India :D

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Do you like statement rings? How often do you wear them?
Najm Nisa

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