Trend alert: The Pearl (Fun facts & Style tips )

The love of pearls.. : After diamonds it’s the pearls that are the most enduring and timeless gemstone a woman can own. Pearls have been worn as jewelry by many women dating back many hundreds of years marking the beginning in 520 BC .
I once read that Pearls look appropriate with everything ! Its no doubt that they are looked upon as symbols of wisdom,beauty and elegance by women. Just not that I consider pearls as a symbol of class, power and sophistication.
When it comes to pearls  it’s no wonder they’re worn by Celebrities , Queens and mostly by elderly women in the west.
However it is important a woman knows the right care for her beloved pearls, read more to find style tips , fun fact and care tips for pearls below.
Care Tips:
  1. Avoid touching them more often and don’t store them in a dry place as pearls like a little moisture..
  2. Don’t mix or dump your pearls with other jewellry in your jewellery boxes,If you throw pearls into a jewel box full of other tangled jewellery your pearls will soon lose their lustrous sparkle,
  3. Its advised that you ‘put the pearls always at the last’ when you are getting groomed ie after application of makeup, spraying of perfumes and hair sprays and make sure the pearls are the first ones to come off’ when you are done with your day and night activities.
  4. Your poor pearls are soft and vulnerable & dainty ,, they tend to lose lose lustre
  5. Perfumes and hair sprays damage earls the most and cause the pearls to lose their lustre. Bummer !
  6. Do not bubble wrap your pearls as plastic causes more damage to it than you can endure !
  7. It is said that its better if you stored your pearls at room temperature in silk pouches.
  8. I would suggest that you take things a step further and actually take out time to clean your pearls every once in a while!
  9. Its better if you take your pearls out on visits regularly as the best place to keep your pearls is on your neck!  When pearls are adorned on necks, wrists or or in the form of other accessories it gives them chance to breathe and the body produces natural oils that pearls love and makes their lustre last longer!
Style Tips:
Are trend watchers have caught a lot of celebs flaunting their pearls off late . I might tag you as dumb if you consider these elegant pearls as strands for grandma’s *nasty stare*
Pearls embellishments are now a part of .jeans, jackets, hair accessories, shoes , & lemme assure you they undoubtedly can give you a high-fashion look straight from the runways and punk pearl jewellery adds luxe coolness to any outfit.
Invest in the right accessory which suits your style best and flaunt those glossy pearls !
Amazing Fun Facts of Pearls:
  • Pearls are the only gemstone made by living animals, and their farming is known as Periculture
  • Every pearl is unique, just like a human fingerprint. No two are alike, and all have some or other imperfection.
  • Cultured pearls are produced when human beings introduce an irritant into the mollusk , these are then called as imitation pearls.
  • Few of the pearls are dyed , but the ones which are not dyed come in colors of are white, pink pearls, lilac, cream, grey, black and gold, that are naturally colored.
PS: They are even symbols of loyalty,faithfulness and friendship , so next time you are confused what to buy for a women you adore and consider having all the 3 qualities , go for pearls *wink wink*
Najm  Nisa

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