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We at Bling Sparkle firmly believe that beautiful homes largely contribute to a beautiful life! In Summer when the Sun is at its peak, all you want to do is have sunbathe beside your swimming pool or rest inside in your AC rooms. In Winter, you feel like cuddling up in your warm bed and munching on hot mom-made pakodas while watching a chick flick. In the rainy season, standing in your balcony, you want to stare at the falling droplets and feel the beauty of rain while not being affected by its bad-effects. All in all, a beautiful home is what makes a person complete. It's a very vital need!

The prettier the house is, the more happy you and you family are. So, have you thought what you want your dream home to look like? Did you even try to imagine something innovative and lively you would like to include in your dream home? Today, we will take you through a wonderful tour of products by Porcelanosa.

Here is our idea of a dream house...

Let's start with the walls: 
What do you want the walls of your dream home to look like? Walls are a factor which define a home the most.They speak volumes and have the power to emote and communicate unsaid messages!
Japan Line Blanco 31,6 x 90 cm
Ceramic wall tiles are the hottest trends this season! Love how the above ones are giving the living room a striped, classy look. It's giving the walls that chick curtain look and the contrast with the white ceiling is lovely. These tiles will surely add spice to your living room!

After the walls comes the flooring which again speaks volumes! I like simple floorings which do not overshadow the walls much.
Amsterdam Antracita 14,3 x 90 cm / 22 x 90 cm

The above wooded flooring is perfect for my likes! It's not too showy yet sophisticated and touche`.
The texture on the wooden blocks is fine and elaborative too. Simply love it!

The Kitchen:
Coming to the most essential part of a home, kitchens should be chosen very wisely. The right chimneys, furniture and utensils help form a perfect kitchen. I love cooking and as I spend some valuable time enjoying it, I would like to be simply perfect.
G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage

The above kitchen furniture is simply amazing! It fulfills all the necessities required for a perfect kitchen. Cupboards and shelves are very important for kitchens and the above pic satisfies that.

I think bathrooms should be as spacious and interesting as your living rooms. That way a person will have a binding towards hygiene.
In Luxury Blanco Mate / Oro Mate

the above bathroom is perfect for my likes with the right furniture a the dreamy look. Don't you think one should truly invest on such a bathroom? Totally worth it!

I just couldn't resist the amazing showers by Porcelanosa! Have a look!
Seasons Nature

Isn't it simply beauty at its finest?!! It's like you transform into another world when you take a shower! The effect is simply amazing!

Coming to the most interesting part of the most, an essential a woman can never live without - wardrobes! They store your world in them so make sure you choose them right!
Natura Roble Marengo / Lino CancĂșn Textil
We simply loved this room-style wardrobe - very different and innovative! Love how the shelves are categorized! The above wardrobe is a must for ardent shopaholics like the Bling Sparklers! :)

So that was how heavenly Porcelanosa could make your dream home look like! 

This entry is for the Indi Happy hours campaign.
All Images taken from Porcelanosa

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