Mini haul from

This haul happened sometime around February. Yup! That late an update - Blame it on 'laziness!'
Now, not wanting to delay it further, here I am! :)  is a lovely place to shop from. You get all types of products which will suit every women's tastes! 

I had already bought a pair of pumps from 'Balujas', Limeroad, a few days prio to this haul and was totally besotted with them. They were gold and screamed 'GORGEOUS'. You can check them out here.

So, I wanted them in more colors and this pair turned out more prettier with all the lace detailing! ^^
 They look more prettier in reality. The pictures do NO justice! 
 These cost me around 899/- 
 Love 'em! ^^
These are the other two things I brought along with the pumps. While the pumps were a total eye-candy, these too didn't score that well!

That sparkle eyeliner was not that bad, I liked it, but the peel off mask was a burning nightmare! When I say 'burning' I literally mean it! >_<

The trio with their different skin types (Read: Me:Combination; Najmun: Oily; Zooni: Dry) tried this out and it was a different level of disaster for each one of us.

It felt like someone had just skinned my face alive! TOTALLY dries your skin, and screw the 'cleansing' part!

Bling Sparkle Trio advice: Buy the above mask only if you have 'down to earth' oily skin! Rest of you, stay away from such brands!

By the by, the pumps were real pretty and that covers the little masky disaster, so no pain here! :)


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