Review: Jordana semi-permanent liquid eyeliner 04 Endless Black

No matter what season, Black eyeliners are always IN! Black is one color which speaks volumes and adds that much needed glamour to your face in seconds!
A winged black line on top of dusty-gold eye shadow is my all time favorite eye make up look. It never goes wrong!
I am an eyeliner girl in and out. I have tried black eyeliners from many brands available in India and while some impressed some didn't work on me. This time I wanted to try a brand which was not easily available in India and I am glad I made that move!

Long story short: I LOVE this eyeliner! It's waterproof, gives a glossy finish and simply sticks to its description of 'Semi permanent'! 
This black eyeliner from Jordana comes in a cute, sleek black bottle. The bottle is tiny to look at. The brush is sleek and thin, perfect for experimenting with different eye looks. This liner gives a glossy finish which screams 'ELEGANCE'. It's a perfect go party/bridal eyeliner which instantly brightens up my eyes.

The brush is so this and comfy that I easily work on my lower lash line(below waterline) too. The lasting power is too good. Doesn't come out unless you scrub it or remove with makeup remover. The best thing is it does not transfer/spread after drying preventing you from having panda eyes.

*For 150 INR, it's a steal!
*Blackest Black
*Glossy finish
*Dries fast
*Sleek, fine brush for precision lining
*Texture is nice
*Doesn't cause irritation
*Lasts for ages
*Doesn't smudge/spread
*Comes out evenly like a plastic layer
*Pretty nice shades available to choose from

The only con i can think of is the quantity! You get so used to it that you are disappointed when you find the liquid inside the tiny bottle is over so soon.
Price: 2.43$ or 150/- INR

Availability: Not easily available in stores but you can buy it online. I bought it from along with some more products(got free shipping).

Bling Sparkle Rating: 5/5 (Yup, no minus marks! :)

Will I buy it again?: For sure. Would like to experiment with the other colors too. 

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