Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Kohl and Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer Bundle Review

A good moisturizer is a must for every woman. It protects your skin and gives it the right treatment it deserves! I am a fan of organic products made up of at least 80% natural ingredients. Products made up of harsh chemicals have never worked for my skin and have left my skin with breakages and damage. Therefore, I am always on the look out for products made up of organic, 'sensitive-skin-friendly' ingredients.
Luckily, I happened to come across this amazing moisturizer, kajal and sharpener trio on Plum Goodness's website. The trio looked so pretty and promising that I knew I had to try them out!

I was impressed by the speedy delivery by this website. The package arrived all bubble wrapped and safe inside a well-packed box. My first impression on seeing its contents was "cool".

All of the three products turned out to be way more awesome and effective than I had expected them to be!

Plum Goodness Day Moisturizer:
To start with, this is my favourite product out of the trio. It simply works like magic for my sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts. It's a day moisturiser, but I find myself applying it sometimes before sleeping too. It has that cooling effect which is not present in other moisturisers in my wardrobe.

The texture is smooth and flowy. It's more like a body lotion with more moisturising features. The best part is it's 100% organic with Aloe extracts. That's what gives the cooling effect I guess.
All the ingredients and directions to use are mentioned on the outer box packaging and behind the actual product too. The packaging is travel-friendly thanks to the tight cap which acts as a closure. A little goes a long way! Bottom line, it does what it claims, very effectively at that! 


Coming to the kajal, I have more sensitive skin in my eye area. Only 5% of the best eye products in the market suit me. Even the best of kajals like the Eyeconic have caused irritation in my eyes so I have stopped using any kajal at all :/ 
I was sceptical about trying out this one but as it claims it's 100% organic, I went ahead and tried it out. 
They were three things I totally loved about this kajal:
1) It did not sting on my waterline!
2) Blackest of black colour on one swipe
3) Didn't give me Panda eyes!


As shown in the swatch, you can see that how dark and blackest black the kajal is on only one swipe. I am in love with that sharpener! It's simply too CUTE! :D
Price: 795/-  (for the whole bundle)
Availability: These are an 'online-only' range of products by Plum Goodness.
Plus point: All products are free of harmful chemicals!

Bling Sparkle Rating:
Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer: 5/5
Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Kohl: 4.5/5
Plum Goodness sharpener: 5/5

Overall, I am totally in love with this combo bundle! They are a pretty amazing set of organic cosmetics at a steal worthy price! If a product is good, you like it. If it's pricing is good, then you like it more. This is exactly what happened here. I totally love all these products which are paraben free and harmful chemicals free. They totally suit my sensitive skin and make sure it's pampered! I totally recommend this amazing brand to all you folks! You can buy their products from their website here.

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