Dr Batra’s Instant Glow Face wash- Enriched with Turmeric review !

Instant glow face wash
If you have followed my posts then you might already know how crazy I am about face washes ! A good face wash is the first step towards obtaining a natural glow. Lately DR Batra launched 3 face washes and I happened to use two of them , the latest I have been using and loving is the instant glow face wash enriched with turmeric..

My Take On The Face Wash:

The best thing about this face wash it does leave your face glowing , and mind you that too instantly! My skin feels supple and soft and glows after having used this. I further went on to recommend this to many of my friends and relatives , all of which have taken to loving this facewash! It has mild fragrance which smells something to the likes of aloe vera and ginger. I wasn’t aware it was enriched with turmeric until I read it. I actually thought it was enriched with ginger. Lathers moderately and is sulphate free and soap free. Its very gentle on the face and hence I think it will suit all skin types.

Price: Economically priced at INR 175 for 100g. This face wash lasted with me for about a month after using it twice on a daily basis.

Quantity: 100g. Lasts for 2 months if used once everyday.
Expiry: 2 years from manufacture date.
Color and Texture: The product is a pale yellow in color and the gel texture which is neither very thick or sticky and nor very watery makes skin feel silky and hydrated.
Packaging: See through packaging is a win-win for me as I can keep a tab as to when the product is going to empty . Plus points for the travel friendly packaging with a flip cap at the top.
Now coming to the pro’s and con’s of the face wash:
1. Very Gentle
2. Soap Free
3. Suitable for all skin types
4. Affordable
5. Easily available in stores and online shopping portals
6. Does not dry up the skin
7. Moisturizes
8. Mild fragrance
9. Cute Packaging
1. Difficult to wash off the facewash , takes almost a min and a half to rinse it off completely
Final take:
I absolutely loved the two face washes I used by Dr Batra and I am definitely going to buy this again !
BlingSparkle’s Rating: 4.5/5

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