Quality And Affordable Healthcare: Importance

Affordable healthcare in India
“Good health is a duty to yourself, to your contemporaries, to your inheritors, to the progress of the world.”
As the old proverb goes ‘Health is real wealth’ , there is no denying that everybody wants to be healthy and happy in their lives. Ask a kid or an adult what he wishes for , most of the replies will go like ‘ I want to be healthy and happy!’ No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point and good healthcare provision plays a pivotal role in the lives of people. hence it is important that a person is surrounded by good healthcare facilities and affordable healthcare providing hospitals.

How many of you have come across an incident where you find an injured man or a person in need of immediate good healthcare but due to unavailability of hospitals or first aids have caused much harm. But lately people in Ahmedabad are rejoicing as they have numerous affordable government hospitals in Ahmedabad. How I wish the same followed in all the remaining cities in India.

In the past few years Healthcare industry took a downhill and turned a disappointment on various levels in India but thanks to advanced technology now India has the best of doctors,diagnostic centers and affordable healthcare. The government of Ahmedabad and most of the other developing cities are working hand in hand with private sector companies involving pharmaceutical, healthcare and diagnostics to meet the challenges and provide healthcare to the public at affordable prices. With a strong infrastructure and experienced govt doctors in Ahmedabad , the Govt of Ahmedabad believes that they can prevent deaths and provide immediate help to people of different economic backgrounds by opening govt clinics in Ahmadabad.

Ahmedabad is gifted with renowned AAhmadabadCivil Hospital which was opened in 1953 , which is also the largest hospital in Asia and VS Hospital , which is a multi-activity and multi-specialty hospital also known for its the vision of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Health is inherently interdisciplinary. To provide healthcare to all poor and wealthy one must look beyond healthcare and come up with affordable healthcare ! And to bridge this gap between healthcare so expensive one-would-rather-choose-to-die and healthcare affordable plus available for everyone the government has to think beyond the regular. Which is exactly what Government of Ahmedabad has implied onto.

It is important for all to understand that Investments in the right health solutions can lead to a sustainable future with measurable impact, within a generation . For a better India affordable and quality healthcare is a must! Coming to “Quality” health care, according to me quality healthcare has a wide variety of meanings. To some people, the lesser the amount of time spent in the waiting room to see the doctor means “quality” health care. And to others, being treated politely by the staff at the hospital be it government or private means “quality” health care, but being treated politely in a Govt hospital means a lot ! You know why, don’t you? Ask an Indian the difference between private and govt hospitals and he will list a 100 differences.
 Have you checked if quality healthcare is available at your place and your surroundings?

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