's dowry calculator with a twist. Go check your worth.

Last month twitterverse was buzz with the Hashtag #shaadicares  which is an social initiative by matrimony site . This initiative to tackle martial abuse was a hit on twitter and soon the hashtag was trending all over india.

Along with the shaadi cares initiative also launched a very interesting dowry calculator . This dowry calculator asks you for your details like your age , profession and salary and then instead of showing a persons dowry worth it shows them statistics related to dowry deaths in india.

The dowry calculator is marketed very tactfully making it look like a promotional campaign which later turns out to be an awareness initiative.This is the reason why i was filled with negativity and spite when i found this particular tweet by on my time line (retweeted by a friend). I even replied to them saying they shouldn't be promoting evils like dowry . but they replies back asking me to check out and i sure was in for a surprise

This is what The tweet by read on their twitter Timeline

Want to find out how much Dowry you're worth? Find out here...
— (@ShaadiDotCom) April 25, 2015 

Now go check out how is using their unique dowry calculator to spread awareness.
This is indded an eyeopener for many indians and iam sure you all will love this . Go Check here

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