Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel Review

Magic ~ That's the perfect word for this product!

Being a Blogger and a die-hard social media addict, I have to sit in front of my laptop screen for long hours. Plus, I am more of a night owl who stays awake late in the night, blogging or doing some other assignment. 

Top all this with the fact that I wear glasses, and you know HOW FREAKING tired my eyes get everyday! *crie*

The urge to soothe them occurs every 10 or so hours and I find myself reaching out to only this eye gel everytime though I have bought myself quite a lot of substitutes.

The first eye gel/cream I ever tried was the one from Lotus Herbals. Must say I liked it a lot. Yes, it did nothing to help me with my faint dark circles or even the drowsy eye bags or puffiness, but it did soothe my eyes and calm them temporarily. But obviously, my eyes demanded more and that's how I landed up on this amazing Aroma Magic eye gel from blossom Kocchar!
Rati from is who introduced me to this wonderful gel. Actually, what she recommended was the eye cream from this same brand. She said it worked wonders on her mother's eyes. Following her recommendation, I hunted for that cream online and added it to my cart in Flipkart. While hunting that cream, I came across this gel and read somewhere that this gel does the same work as the cream. I am not too fond of creams, especially if I have to put them in my eye area as I have extremely sensitive eyes and it's quite irritating when the cream goes inside the eyes.

So what I did is, I bought a combo pack containing both that cream and this eye gel.. and My! My! I am so glad I did so!

I used the cream first and hated it instantly. It got straight into my eye by mistake and clouded the whole of it( how annoying) Than, with a disappointed expression, I tried this gel and was delighted!

Perfect is the word!
*It didn't get inside my eye create a havoc. it just stayed put wherever I applied/massaged it.
*It gave me this cooool minty feeling which cooled my eyes and comforted them instantly
*It kicked off my slight headache (oh yes!) and brightened my mood
*To put it simply, it put a smile on my face :)
I have been using this for 4-5 months regularly now and there's been a drastic change in my eye area. The dark circles have reduced a lot and my eyes are considerably healthy. Whenever I feel some uneasiness, I apply this gel and it evaporates instantly! *happy dance*

Now let's have a quick question and answer session!

Q. So, What makes it so special and a must buy?
A. The PRICE and the QUANTITY offered! The Lotus one is okay too but it got over in just 20 days!! Nothing can beat the quantity and price tag of this Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Eye gel!

Q. Does it do what it claims?
A. Yes. Yes. Yes. Actually, more than it claims. Well! Obviously you can't apply it for two days and hope for some miracle. All I can say is it is far better than its competitors which our insanely priced and I would choose this anyday over a cream worth 1000-6000 bucks!

Q. Will I buy it again?
A. I am buying a combo pack of three of these Flipkart in a few days! :D #yay

I don't write beauty reviews often so you know how much I loved this Blossom Kocchar Eye Gel to get my lazy self to writing!! :P

Always stay awesome and yes, wish you all a VERY happy Ramzan!! :D
Loads of haul posts coming up!

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