Dabur Vatika Coconut ++ Hair Oil ~ My Ticket to Frizz Free Healthy Hair!

The beaches.. The holidays.. The endless ice creams and cool drinks.. The welcoming rays of the Sun.. Summer is here! So are the hundred hair and skin vows which every girl dreads. 

It's that time of the year when your hair needs maximum protection as it's exposed to direct sunlight and body sweat which makes it very difficult to handle them.. especially if you have long hair!

A few days back I came across my girlfriends discussing short hairstyles in a   Whatsapp group, the next thing you know, all of them had cut their hair short. I was devastated to witness this as all of them are prim South Indian beauties with gorgeous, thick, long black hair. 

I myself have long hair (which I love to bits) so obviously I could understand why they took this step as I know how hard it is to manage long hair especially during summers and winters or for that matter, any time of the year!

The other day when I took almost an hour to get my hair done, much to the annoyance of my now short haired waiting friends, I saw all of them giving me the 'you-are-next-looks'. 

I have been fond of long hair since the time I was a little girl. Thanks to the wonderful opportunity of being brought up in a joint family, I had the privilege of my Grandma always tending to my hair as if they were near and dear to her. Those days you didn't get these million options of hair oils which are available in the market today. My grandma used pure unpackaged coconut oil and it did a good job on my hair I must say. 

My hair was brilliant until my high school but when I reached college the last thing I worried about was hair. Add the fact that I often kept my hair open to that and you know what happened next - my hair started getting weak and losing their luster.

It was the era of cosmetics budding every where and desperate to win my hair back, withouts having to do much, I started exploring all these products one by one.

While the majority of them didn't give any result, those which did, didn't last long and left shocking after effects which further affected my hair.

Hence, my search for a good hair oil which actually suits my hair type is still on. Or let's say it was on till yesterday.. not any more!

Dabur Vatika is one of the most trusted brands which I instantly fell in love with. I am a big fan of natural products which don't have much chemicals in them but still do their job. I found Dabur Vatika to be one such brand. I have used their other oil before and also their shampoo range and I must say they were quite effective.
What caught my attention was this new version of Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. It has Henna, which along with other herbs coats your hair & protects it from oxidation. It also has Amla which strengthens the roots of hair to help maintain their health and natural thickness and lemon which has an astringent action that controls the flow of sebum. All in all it helps nourish your hair and makes them healthy and strong.
Until a few days ago, I was seriously considering chopping off my long hair and pay heed to my friends. But now that I have come across this promising looking hair oil.. I am going to give it a last try. I have used it for a few weeks now and I must say I am impressed. This amazing oil has managed to win my heart in a short time span! It's showing results which majority of the products I have tried to date couldn't!
My hair fall has reduced considerably! The texture has improved too, not to mention the frizziness is almost gone! So far, so good..phew

Will update all you wonderful people on how it's working!
I really hope it heals my hair the way I think it will. I want to surprise my friends with my long, gorgeous hair and inspire them to never cut their hair short!

You can read more about this product and get detailed descriptions HERE.

Will be back soon with an update.
Until then,

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