#ExcuseMeKnot Because Dabur Vatika Is Here!

Hair are one of we women's most prized possessions! We all have seen everyone from tiny school girls to teenagers and old women fret about their hair. Women are besotted to aiming for gorgeous hair from a very young age.

It was my Grandma who instilled the love for long and strong hair in me.

When I was in high school, I had the best hair in my class and a lot of my classmates envied me. While some sulked in their misery, somewhere real outspoken and asked me for long hair tips and methods. I found there was not much to tell them as the only secret behind my hair was dedicated oiling!

Then when I moved to college, things took a different route. It was the age to explore and experiment and I found myself leaving my hair open all the time. What with all the studies and *ehem* extra hanging out with friends, I didn't find time to oil them regularly and attend to them.

All was fun and cool until one day when I was getting ready for my second year Send off party. While I was hurriedly combing my hair and trying one of my hairstyles, the hair fall was more than one could imagine. Several locks of my beautiful, precious hair came out with every stroke of comb and I was left staring at the mirror and the heap of hair in my hands. That's when I realized that my hair had were very damaged and they had lost their original thickness and luster.

I went to attend my Send off party with a latka huwa (sad) face and the joy and excitement of the day had just evaporated! That's when my Bestie(who has Jacqueline Fernandes Look-alike gorgeous hair) confronted me and asked me what was up. I confided in her, getting close to tears to which she simply hugged me and asked me not to worry. That was when she asked me the question which changed my bad hair days forever...

Bestie ~ "Which Oil do you use Sweety?"

Me ~ "Not one in particular Tass. I am not too choosy."

Bestie ~ "God!! No wonder your hair our damaged. Never play games with your hair sweety! Give them the best care and be sure to use only one oil regularly."

Me ~ "Which oil do you use? Guess it's pretty expensive! :/"

Bestie ~ "Haha! No! On the contary, it hardly effects your pocket while giving your the best care!.. I use Dabur Vatika hair Oil :). My whole family has been using it for years. You should try it too!"

That's when I was introduced to Dabur Vatika hair oil. I wanted my gorgeous state of hair back and I started using Dabur Vatika religiously. What's next? Voila! As I write this, my fingers are teasing my gorgeous locks. ;)

I have been recommending Dabur Vatika Coconut enriched Hair oil to all my loved ones ever since and today, I thought why leave out my wonderful readers!

So here I am friends! :) Bid adieu to all your excuses for cutting short you hair as Dabur Vatika is here to repair the damage! It's the true elixir which nourishes and enriches your hair, giving it all the care it needs.

It nourishes my hair within few minutes of the application and also helps me get rid of any head aches. Sitting in front of my laptop screen gives me stress and this oil helps me fight it like my warrior.

Since the day I have started using it, my hair fall has reduced considerably and I haven't any point felt the need to chop my locks off. The texture of my hair has improved, not to mention the frizziness is gone totally.

So basically, the key to long, gorgeous and healthy hair is oiling them regularly with an organic coconut based oil(I recommend Vatika) and you will see the results for yourself within weeks! :)

Totally recommend it to all you folks!

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