10 Ways To Transform Your Small Bathroom : Makeover For Cozy Homes

Small bathroom dceor ideas and tips
Bathrooms are more than just a place to take of your daily necessities. All those looking to buy and build homes usually opt for smaller bathrooms as one should definitely enjoy being in their bathroom but it would be foolishness for a bathroom to take over the rest of their home. According to me an ideal bathroom is a place which is  visually appealing and provides escape from the stresses of daily life!
All those who have rented apartments are left with no choice but to find ways to make their super small bathroom comfortable and relaxing . I have heard a lot of them complaining how hard it is to fit in everything in a small bathroom!
  To fit everything into a snug bathroom space is like doing a giant crossword puzzle! Plus designing a small bathroom in a way that it looks relax able and luxurious is a feat only few have managed to conquer! There are a number of sites that help you design the perfect bathroom among which Homify is my favorite ! They help in creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom which is exactly what our home needs! With the amount of time spent in our bathroom, professionals selling products at Homify make sure every design element has a purpose and is functional in some way or another to create a space saver-friendly sanctuary which excels in efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics !
With the following few strategic makeover ideas one can add the picture-perfect quotient to their bathroom that will then turn out to be elegant, attractive and efficient. So if you plan on going this route, here are 10 ways to transform your small bathroom and let you live large !

1. Creative Storage:

Small bathroom design ideas
Arrange and buy your storage in a manner that everything fits in and yet the whole look derived is beautiful and elegant! Make up your bathroom in a way that it can store your washing machine and other bath essentials without occupying much space . Instead of adding large furniture storage go for secretive hidden storage!

2. Co-coordinating Color:

10 ways to transform your bathroom
Coordinate colors and bold prints mixed with solids. get a colorful sink and vanity to add that pop of color to your bathroom which in turn will add flare to your room!

3. Bathtub with Shower :

pops of color in small bathroom
Your bathroom is an extension of your bedroom. Even though the space is limited ,you would want to include both a bath and shower in your bathroom, consider fitting a shower above a bathtub.

4. Simple Designed:

beautiful and romantic bathrooms
You can even go for a bathroom that is simple white, bright and full of light …take full advantage of any natural light available in your small bathroom as it gives your bathroom an appearance of a larger room!

5. Add Wallpapers:

Add wallpapers to your bathroom
Fun and innovative wallpapers make the bathroom appear larger. One can invest in Faux Wallpaper for ceiling and dark colored walls for dramatic feel. Faux wallpapers are also a affordable way of decorating your small bathroom !

6. Fun Factor :

Small bathroom design ideas
You can invest in beautiful yet inexpensive bathroom d├ęcor to bring out the fun factor in your bathroom . Cute Soap Holders , bold and blue sinks or even creative extras to stick on your bathroom walls create their own ambiance and flair making your bathroom look luxurious and elegant at the same time!

7. Mirror Power:

Large mirror and their power in your bathroom
Put in a large mirror in your bathroom for the mirror is the most critical area for bathroom lighting...When you expand the mirror they can make your bathroom look more spacious.

8. Bathroom Beauty For Kids:

Bathroom decor ideas for kids
Your little ones want a lot of things w which are unique and fun in their bathrooms. With little space you might get worried to not have enough space to accommodate everything your kid wants in a bathroom. You can shop for cute small bathtubs , wallpapers , liquid dispenser and creative toilet commode for your kid from Homify! No more worrying !

9. Bright Paint and Elegant Colors :

bright paint and elegant colors
The first thing to consider in a small bathroom decor is to consider color and light. When choosing paint colors or a color scheme for the entire space, focus on bright colors and livelier hues. A bathroom will always seem larger if it's lighter and brighter.

10. Select a vanity with two sinks & one shelf.

vanity with one shelf and two sinks..small bathroom
If your small bathroom is supposed to accommodate two people at once then you can include two vanities, each with a sink and mirror or one long vanity with two sinks. Vanities have gotten smarter. A stylish one shelf can hold towels or a basket for toilet paper.
Well all of the above decorating and designing tricks will help each of you to create the illusion of more space in your small bathroom and let you live large without compromising on space!
Until next time
Najmun Nissa

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