8 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own! #TrendAlert

8 types of shoes every woman must own
Aside from diamonds, we're pretty sure shoes are a woman's best friend.We all have heard the true saying ‘A girl can never have enough shoes!’ I completely agree with this and although that may be the case, not everyone is lucky to be super rich or even have a closet build only for  shoes to own every pair in trend each season!
I myself being a self-confessed shoe addict, I simply cannot stockpile shoes more than my closet can hold. I confess my shoe closet is overflowing with shoes and hence I now store my shoes in boxes on my cupboard :P Its really a difficult task to choose as to what should be  given away in order to make space for new shoes during my shoe closet cleaning ! :p No matter how many people tell you that one can never have enough shoes , t is also important to keep the space and budget in mind! So read on the fool proof list I have listed below which will act as an easy to go guide to help you out and if you follow this I assure you that you’ll always have a pair you need for any outfit. Also next time you are closet cleaning you will know what are the essential shoes and invest only in them.
Keep reading to find out which are the 8 must have shoes to save yourself from what-to-wear moments and also some painful blisters when the time calls.
black basic pumps and nude heels
Beginning with THE must-have shoe, the classic pump. We can easily label them the LBD of the shoe world! YES !  Talking about classic pumps the two of the basic pumps basic classic pumps would be Basic black pumps and Nude pumps ! A black pump is perfect for office wear be it either with a crisp white shirt and black trousers, or a sheath dress, suit or a pencil skirt . As for the Nude heels they are treasure as they give length to your legs when worn and make your appearance as of a Greek Goddess Winking smile  Whether paired with skinny or ripped jeans, a dress of any color, or an outfit of any color and any shape, this is the pump you want to make sure you have in your Shoe closet!
Buy Classic black pumps in Black here and in Nude HERE (Limeroad)
sexy ballerinas must have for every woman
I love love LOVE my heels (OH YES I DO) but I love my feet more so Sad smile  Sometimes a girl needs to let her feet rest and don a pair of bellies to look adorable in a pair of ballet flats. But hey you know what’s the best part of owning a pair of ballet flats? It is the endless choices we women have with styles, materials and colors to choose from .Really, the sky is the limit! Speaking of sky, ballet flats make me feel I am walking on a floating cloud ;) Giving everyday wear and jeans a chic Parisian flair, ballet flats  is a must own women! They are a life saver when you have walked for hours I dangerous heels for over an hour and want something chic and comfy for a night out! Now if that doesn't make this a type of shoe every woman should own, I don't know what does.
Buy these cool pair of black bellies from Carlton London here and these gold glitters from here
statement heels that will make you the star of the party
A statement pair  or what I also like to call "Smiling shoes" are in fact just an outrageous pair that transform an otherwise boring outfit in to a jaw dropping look ! Lemme explain ! A statement shoe has the ability to lift your spirits  and turn a bad & awful day in a happy one!
Every woman needs a pair of shoes that will make people have a double take. Bole toh ‘Eak baar se dil nahi bharta mud mudeke baar baar dekho wala’ moment happens ;) Whether you opt for a vibrant colour pump, sexy tassel shoes, bizarre shape  or a statement print, these shoes paired with any look will instantly make you feel sexy !
You can buy these statement Heels on limeroad from here and here
lovely oxford shoes buy
Slip into your comfortable oxfords on those days when you’ve really got your hands full. You’ll be comfy and look chic. Well if sneakers are not your style, oxfords in colorful prints are a wonderful alternative. There's just something about a pair of Oxford shoes that makes me go wheee! I love the vintage look oxford shoes exude along with their masculine vibe . Summing up in two words ‘Pure Bliss!’
tredy sandals
While we're still at summer, here’s another comfortable pair of shoes a girl must have in her shoe closet!  A lovely pair of sandals ! The ubiquitous summer shoe to pair with everything from cut-off shorts to a floral maxi dress!
Black sexy boots every woman must own
Whether you prefer the cool knee-high BOOTS, or the sexy over-the-knee style, or ankle length boots in black,sleek black leather boots, Boots in black will take you places in this world.. quipping it up one can never go wrong with a black pair of boots.
wedges trending
Coming to my favorite pair – Wedges : which is a preppy-wardrobe staple! I love wedges which have a zip closure behind ! If you are up for some shopping at the mall or in pot-holed Indian streets or want to go to a brunch, you simply cannot don a pair of stilettos or heels but sometimes even flats won’t do either. That’s when happy go wedges come into the picture! Summer wedges are daytime shoes with a fab nighttime attitude. Super love them because they are so easy to walk in, look fantastic with practically anything and are the best of both worlds. Do we need any more reasons to label this as an essential pair of shoes every woman should have? I think not. Plus wedges lend a lot of height and a lot of style *wink*
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8. Block Heels
Block heels essentials of every shoe closet
You simply cannot wear those pointy heels every time you want to step out. Sometimes a woman needs height plus style plus comfort which can be fulfilled only by a pair of summer wedges !! Wedges are now slowly turning into a quintessential pair that will always be timeless. Every woman must own these pair as they add instant sophistication to any outfit!
shoe quotes
So these where my eight MUST HAVE shoes every woman should have in order to be stylishly pulled together no matter what the occasion. Do you have any other pair of shoes in mind? feel free to share what your must have shoe list reads . I’m always looking for new ideas. :D
Until next time
Najmun Nissa

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