Bridal Lipstick Of The Week: L'Oreal Star Collection in FIRE

The wedding season is here and we the folks at Bling Sparkle are super excited to start a marathon of wedding related Posts! :D

The weather in Bangalore has gone quite nasty these days with Non-stop rain showers and freezing temperature. My heart goes out to all those who are getting married in Winter. May you stay warm and have a freeze free ceremony. :D

There are many shades of orange, the best one I love is of this gorgeous lipstick by L'Oreal. This lipstick is from the Star collection of L'Oreal wherein each lipstick was named after a famous celebrity(who are brand Ambassadors for L'Oreal from different countries). 

This particular shade, FIRE was named after Fan Bing Bing, a gorgeous Chinese actress. 

One word For This Lipstick: Perfect.

Yes, it's simply perfect! It's that Bubbly shade every bride can adorn. This lipstick has amazing, smooth texture which seamlessly glides on my lips, giving them an opaque finish. It hides pigmentation perfectly. 

Another reason why it is perfectly Bridal is that its lasting power is DAMN good, and the BEST thing is that it does NOT dry up your lips in spite of lasting for so long. It's true to its name ~ Soft Matte.

The finish is a beautiful soft MATTE without any shimmers or such stuff which will ruin the look. It's a MUST HAVE in every Bride - to - be's booty. The best thing is, you can tone down your outfit a bit and wear it on a not-so-bridal-and-happening day too. For example, you can wear it on your Date night, Mehendi and even on a fun shopping outing with your best friend! :)

It looks SO gorgeous in me and feels SO light and weightless that I am head over heels in love with it! I always find myself ignoring all my other lipsticks and reaching out this often.

This shade will suit all skin type so it's a MUST HAVE - Go get yourself one if you are a Bride-to-be ASAP! :D
Shade: Fire
Texture: Soft Matte
Price: 999/- (Available in discounted rates on Flipkart I guess)
BlingSparkle Rating: 5*/5*

Lotsa Love,

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