Celebrate #HarPalHappiness With Asus

Festivals bring with them the most special kind of happiness and joy. They are not only the time when you draw back from your usual corporate world and spend some valuable time but they are those days which bring you closer to your family and friends. Some festivals help you connect with your family and give you some unforgettable memories and happiness with them. One such festival is Diwali.

Diwali is called the festival of lights not only because of the crackers and Diyas but also because it brings light in the lives of people. The best thing I love about this festival is shopping! :D

When I was a kid, for me Diwali was all about crackers. Crackers. And more Crackers. Stuff like shopping and dolling up were the last things on my mind but hey! Times change! ;)

I love shopping for myself and my whole family! Shopping brings an unique joy which cannot be compared. While shopping for oneself is cool, the joy of shopping for your loved ones is way beyond it! That smile on the face of your little brother or your Mom, when you gift them is simply sacred. That's the reason why all of us at Bling Sparkle love to give gifts to friends and family. 

Talking about shopping, that's what the whole team at Bling Sparkle has been doing since the last month! ;) If we start writing our haul posts, you'll have a tough time keeping up with our posts :D (Will upload some of them soon. Pinky promise.) 

There are a few days more left for Diwali and you can imagine our joy when we discovered this amazing ongoing Diwali #HarPalHappiness offer by Asus India on Flipkart.

I am loving all the new range of phones Asus India is launching. Having got the opportunity to experience and review two of them, I have found these range of phones to be the best budget options for all. All the phones, especially the Asus Zenfone Laser are something everyone should check out.
This offer which will last till the 11th of November, brings to you the opportunity of gifting yourself happiness by gifting your loved ones an Asus phone! Every customer who purchases an Asus phone in this Diwali season gets the opportunity to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth ₹1000 every hour. What's more, if you have that lady luck, you can win a Gold voucher worth ₹25000 every day. Isn't that simply splendid? :)

I am going to buy the amazing Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for my Bro in this offer and so is my sister for her spouse :D. We are so excited and of course! We are trying for gold! *winks* All you have to do is register your phone as soon as you buy it on this Asus website and wait for luck to strike. As there are so many prizes, you are sure to walk away with something or the other! 

So go ahead and shop right away! :)

Happy Festivities!
~ Bushra

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