What To Wear : Jewelry Trends For Weddings (Part 1 #Rings)

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I love it when I am invited to a wedding, especially if it’s a wedding of my colleague's or a friend’s . (Guess there’s a lot of drama involved in a wedding at a relative’s :P) Every time You have been invited to a wedding the first thing to pop up in your mind is not what to you are going to gift the bride and the groom but its what you are going to wear to the wedding as a guest ! It is important to choose the right dress and the right set of accessories to go with the outfit you have chosen to wear .
Surely , you want to look your best and would opt to wear something that reflects your personal style. You might have a wardrobe full of clothes appropriate for a wedding wear and drawers overfilled with accessories to go with them, which in turn leads to a state of confusion as to what to wear and what not to wear. Too much of choice makes one crazy.
What To Wear  Jewllery Trends For Weddings
You have the invitation card. lets say you even have climbed the toughest mountain on choosing the dress. What’s next?  The right accessories. We, Bling Sparklers present to you some fun, striking and glamorous additions to the perfect wedding guest ensemble. Hence here’s a guide for all of you as to what kind of jewellery to wear to a wedding as a guest. I’ll be dividing each of them in parts , for today we will be discussing what kind of rings one can wear to a wedding!
1. Double knuckle linked two finger rings: These rings are a new trending piece of jewellery every woman should own. They add sparkle when worn with the simplest of simple attire. At a wedding you’ll have a lot of competition and you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to donning the best trending jewelry.
wedding ring trends for asians
2. Statement rings: If the dress you have chosen has a lot of sequins or is a lehenga or a ghagra or a heavy floor length anarkali then we suggest you go easy on the accessories and wear a single ring which is simple yet distinct! That’s when you should opt for the statement ring.
Pearl ring ,box ring, double pearl
3. Designer rings: Colorful and heavy – this rings have their own speech of expression! They speak for themselves.. one simply cannot have just one look at them, hey are so pretty you want to look at them again and again. That is exactly what happened with me at a wedding when I spotted a girl wearing s beautiful designer ring, I couldn’t get my eyes off it!
wedding rings jewelry trnd designer rings
4. Two or Three Or Four Finger rings: As you might have noticed on red carpets, fashion runways, and every jewelry retailer, fashionable two-three finger rings have become a huge hit in the world of women’s fashion. Thus, it is no surprise that this trend spilled over as the best form attention seeking jewelry to be worn at a wedding!
two or three finger rings
5. Gold Rings : Whether it's 24 karat, 18 karat, or hall marked gold, Indian weddings are all about this precious metal! Gold jewelry has a precious place in our weddings. It’s a symbol of good fortune and gorgeous gold rings get you all the attention in no time ! Opting for gold rings with a traditional saree or floor length anarkali or best banarsi sari!
latest designs in gold rings 24 karat
6. Ethnic Huge Rings: Gold plated huge ethnic rings which are often round on the top . It could either be a huge kundan ring or a huge pearl ring with glitter and beads. Just one of these on your finger and you are ready to rock the outfit! the best thing about them is that they come in hundreds of designs and look oh so pretty on your finger, just remember to go easy on hand jewelry when you don one of these.
ethnic rings wedding trend ring
7. Distinct Rings : Jewelry enthusiasts often keep an eye on the latest trend being released  in the jewelry arena and are on a lookout for something new and unique which not everybody are seen sporting. These types of rings are not easily available and need some searching before you get your hands on it. Distinct rings can be one finger nail ring or double pearl ring or even midi rings!
distinct rings wedding trend
My final word would be rings are the thing which are trending high on the wedding must wears list but once you have worn a ring don’t forget to wear something more important than the ring…which wear a smile ;)
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