10 Things Every Bride Should Carry In Her Handbag

Indian weddings are a lot more dramatic than what they show in Bollywood movies. There are endless traditions to be followed before the couple finally ties the knot and between all the hustle, brides forget to pack the basic essentials in their handbags.

These things are tiny, they can fit easily in your handbag and be your best friend when the time is right.

Here are the ten things which every bride should carry in her handbag which can act as quick fixes:

1. Safety Pins:
They are a Bride's best friend. No doubt. Be it anything from fixing the last minute Size issues of your lehenga to making sure your dupatta stays on your head throughout the function, safety pins can do just anything. Every bride should definitely carry a bunch of them in her handbag.

2. Cotton Ear Buds:
 Do you need to carry ear buds to clean your ears? Not at all! I am sure you have taken care of that long back. Ear buds will come in handy for your makeup touch ups and a lot of other stuff. There's a chance you'll be shedding tears on your wedding day and ear buds can keep a check on your Mascara, preventing it from flowing and giving you Panda eyes. You can also use them to remove your eye makeup.

3. Extra Hair Pins: 
There are chances that in middle of the function, your hairstyle gives way and makes your hair look like a bird's nest. At this time, hair pins will come handy to help keep your hair behaved. Also, a lot of Indian traditions involve the Groom's side pinning flowers on the bride's hair in the middle of the functions. So you won't have to go hunting for hairpins that time.

4. Mouth Freshener and Mints:
 Oral health boosts the your confidence. You need it to flash that gorgeous smile on your big day. So carry a mouth freshener along with you to keep bad breath at check. Also, it will come in handy for all the post-wedding kissing.

5. Tissues or Kerchief: 
You'll need them to keep the sweat at check and also the excess oils which your face will exert. They'll be helpful in removing makeup and also wiping off those tears.

6. Small Mirror:
This is total MUST have! You'll need it for quick makeup fixes. A better option is to carry your shade of press powder which has a mirror attached. That'll be two in one and save you some space.

7. Lip Balm:
Keeping your lips hydrated is a must and you need to keep applying lip balm every now and then to ensure your lips look plump and gorgeous all along. Also, the lipstick and nervous biting can leave your lips chapped. That's why lip balm is a must!

8. Aspirin and pain killers:
We don't want headaches on our big day now do we?! The post wedding functions would have left you exhausted and you definitely need aspirin and some other medicines to ensure your body is happy on your big day.

9. Small scissors:
Considering whatever you wear will be brand new, they'll be a lot of tags and strings to get rid of. Scissors can be real helpful here.

10. Small Perfume or Body mist:
One thing a bride can never avoid is sweat. Your favorite perfume or a great smelling body mist will keep you fresh and appealing all the time.

In Short:

Go include these in your Bridal handbag if you haven't yet. Do it like NOW! :)

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