Best Bridal Red Lipstick: LO'real Moist Matte In Lincoln Rose

I often wonder where the stunning colour Red evolved from. I can't help but admire the Almighty whenever I look at the beauty of the colour red. It has something deep to it.. something so attractive that it gets to you and all you want to do is keep staring.
There are a hundred and more shades of red in the world today. If I had to choose the best one these huge shades of red, my first choice would no doubt be - Lincoln Rose, a stunning shade of red lipstick from Loreal Paris. This lipstick is probably one of the best products by LO'real ever!

This lipstick came into the limelight and was the talk of the town when Aishwarya Rai sported it at Cannes Film Festival. Everyone was going Gaga over it as Aish was looking amazing wearing this.

I came to know about this lipstick at the same time too and like every other woman, I wanted to buy it too. Just a couple of days later, I had been to the L'Oreal store at Shoppers Stop, Kormangla and there I met this lipstick again(the SA was wearing it and she was looking totally gorgeous!) As I had already bought an expensive infallible foundation( which turned out pathetic :/) I just swatched this lipstick and decided I would buy it online.
When I came back home, I deeply regretted two things:
  • Buying the infallible foundation which cost me 1000 bucks and was simply PATHETIC
  • NOT buying the Lincoln Rose lipstick which was still there on my lips and looked gorgeous!
Anyways, as they say things happen for a good sake, I bought the Loreal Cannes edition box(which had this lisptick) from Flipkart at a stunning discount. *wink* *wink*
This lipstick is perfectly Bridal and a MUST OWN for every bride-to-be! It's a very gorgeous and a very unique shade of red which looks totally sexy. It's something which is bold, yet, you can easily wear it everyday! It definitely gives you that boost of confidence and oomph factor :D I totally LOVE it!
There's a dull side to everything and the only con of this lipstick is that the tube is VERY delicate. It melts and breaks if not stored properly. Mine broke. I apply it with a brush now. :/ But lipsticks look best when applied using a brush so this doesn't bother me much.

So all those gorgeous Bride-to-be's and well ANY girl who is reading this, just GO AND BUY it! :D You'll love it! This shade suits all Indian skin tones :D.

P.S: I have featured this lipstick in the best red lip colours post on my personal blog here.

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