L'Oreal Paris Star Collection Pure Reds Lipstick Shade 'Pure Scarleto' Review and Swatch

I love how L'Oreal is coming up with unique ranges of lipsticks and lip colours purely dedicated to a single colour factory. The star collection pure reds range was their first step towards this and it was and a total hit! They have recently launched a Pure pinks range and I can't wait to try them out too! :D Anyways, let's see how the shade 'Pure scarleto' from L'Oreal's Pure reds range fairs.

One Word: Bold.

Price: ₹995/- for 4.2 g

Other shades available from this range: Pure Fire (Li BingBing), Pure Brick (Aishwarya Rai), Pure Scarleto (Blake Lively), Pure Vermeil (Fan BingBing),  Pure Amaranthe (Gong Li), Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor), Pure Rouge (Frieda Pinto). My personal favourite from this range is Pure fire!

Packaging: It's hot hot hot. I love how the bullet has that square coloured box which shows the colour of the lipstick inside. I would give this packaging 10 on 5!

Texture: The texture is velvety and dreamy. The only thing which stops me from complaining about this lipstick's price is it's texture -  totally worth it! ^_^ This lipstick glides on the lips very smoothly without causing breakouts. The texture is not completely matte when applied fresh but as the lipstick dries, the texture becomes more firm and gorgeously matte. I simply love love it's texture. No matte lipstick I own has as good a texture as this!

Staying Power: This is another plus point of this lipstick. It stays on for a good 7-8 hours and the sexy faded stain doesn't leave your lips unless you rub it off or use a makeup remover.

About The Shade 'Pure Scarleto': Pure scarleto is more of a pink than a red. It's a wonderful combination of bold pink with sweet red undertones. The colour is bold and deep, something which can instantly pep you up and boost your confidence. I have noticed that the colour keeps getting more redder with time.
It's perfect for Bridal wear, party wear and a date night. You can also wear it in summers with your minis or simply on a normal day for a boost of confidence.

Here's a quick Q&A section to make it easier for you guys :)

Does this shade suit all Indian Skin Tones?: Yes. Absolutely. LOreal Pure Scarleto is a red lipstick which will suit all Indian skin tones.

Does it hide lip pigmentation?: Completely! The texture is super opaque.

Is it drying?: Not at all! Actually, it has moisturising features in it which heal your lips and help you have a wonderful bold red lip experience all day.

Should you use lip balm under it?: Not necessary but it's best to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying any lipstick on them!

Does it transfer?:  Not at all!

Does it feel light on your lips?: Absolutely! Just like a feather. You forget that you have applied anything on your lips. This is why I absolutely love it!

How does it smell?: The scent of this lipstick is very light, nearly there types.

Does it earn you compliments?: LOADS of them! *wink* :D

Any negative points?: 
  • The pricing. But if you are an Amazonholic (Amazon.in) like me, then keep a watch out and you will get it for half the price! :D It's a total cool red.
  • It's not a very unique shade of red. If you are a makeup hoarder, you might already have a shade perfectly similar to this from a different brand.

BlingSparkle Rating: ****/5

Review for the other shades from this range coming up in a while!
Adios my lovely cupcakes :)

This post is Day 2 of our #15DaysOfRedLipColours challenge. Check out Day 1 from this challenge here.

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