Catch Up On Growth With Horlicks Growth Plus

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I have seen my Sister who is a Mom of two now, often fuss about my nephew not eating healthy food. The boy who is 3 years old now loves junk food and throws a tantrum every time we try to feed him some actual healthy food.

This is the case with every other kid today - this is reason healthy eating habits have to be developed inside them.

I did know Parenting was not a piece of cake but now when I have lived with my nephew and watched him grow by time, I would like to stand up and give a salute to every parent out there! Kids can be very demanding and very stubborn and this just doubles up when it comes to feeding them.

He is too busy in his toys, video games and what not to care about food and health. He cries for chocolates and icecreams and doesn't rest unless he gets them all. All of this has taken a toll on his health and one can easily say that he is very thin and not as healthy and tall a 3 year old should be!

Due to the insufficient dietary intake of nutrients, a child's height and weight are effected. Frequent sickness can also fair very bad when it comes to the overall growth of a child. Keeping the same in mind, Horlicks decided to bring a smile on every Parent's face by introducing them to their brand new product - Horlicks Growth Plus. This is a health drink for children from 3-9 years which will improve their nutrient take and help them catch up on growth.

After weaning away from breast feeding, my nephew refused to drink milk in a glass. Later my Mom suggested to try making milk tastier with addition of Horlicks or chocolate flavour. So she started working on it. It turned out that my nephew was not fond of chocolate flavoured milk too. But the it was a different case with the addition of Horlicks in milk. My nephew started drinking milk thrice a day wit his favourite Horlicks growth Plus powder.

Few months back, my nephew was very ill and suffering from severe fever and loose motions. This took a toll on his health and his growth has been affected.

You know a house is worried and sick when a child loses weight, becomes inactive and does not have the right height.. Its better that children are taught  the importance of good nutrition, this way we are laying a foundation for a healthier more fulfilling life for our children. Technology and the way of the world makes our children less active and affects the growth of our children.

Children right from the beginning should play , study and eat right. In my opinion these three are the most important factors that affect the growth of a child. If the food which he is intaking is not right or the nutrients intake is not right then the growth of the child is affected. This adversely will affect academics of a child and the child will become less active. Don't we all want our children to stay healthy and perform all activities with valor ? For this it is important we give our children the right nutrients.

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