10 Fresh Flower Jewelry Ideas For Your Wedding

Imitation floral jewelry is no doubt pretty but it comes no where close to the charm and elegance of wearing jewelry made of real flowers on a wedding. Flowers are considered auspicious and they have a certain aura to themselves which is perfect for an occasion like an Indian wedding.

Today, we will be discussing some unique Fresh flower jewelry ideas which you can use to DIY and wear it on your wedding( or someone else's wedding too) like a BOSS!

1. Jhoomar made of fresh Dandelion and Mogra flowers - Perfect for a Mehndi Occasion or a Bridal shower: 

2. Earrings made of Fresh pink-purple roses and Mogra - Perfect for Sangeet, mehndi, Haldi or Engagement ceremony:

3. Vermala made of Fresh White roses, sewn together - Perfect for Bidai (Bride send off):

4. Bipasha Basu inspired Floral Tiara and Floral Hathphool made of fresh roses, Jasmine and Mogra - Perfect for Sangeet, Mehndi and engagement!:

5. Bridal bracelet made of soft pink flowers and ribbon ~ A sure shot attention catcher for your Big day!:

6. Fresh Flower Ring ~ You can wear it on any occasion, preferably your pre-wedding shoot (This is the most trending Flower jewelry!)

7. Floral Choker made of fresh flowers and beads ~ Perfect for your Off-shoulder haldi outfit:

8. Ombre fresh flower hair clip worn with a beaded bobby pin ~ Perfect for any occasion where you want to let down your hair:

9. Juda made of fresh Jasmine and Mogra flowers ~ Perfect for your Lehenga look :

10. Mogra Mang Tika for Mehndi Ceremony:

All of these lovely real flower jewelry can be easily made at home. If you want any DIY tips or a separate post for 'How to' on each piece of jewlery made of real flowers than simply drop a comment below :)

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