Banjara’s Tan Free Multani + Orange Face Wash Review

Banjaras tan free facewash review
There was an amazing sale last month and I picked up a whole lot of products from Banjara’s and one among them was this great orange peel and multani face wash! I have already used two face washes by Banjara’s and this variation is the third and the best among all the three I have been using. Though I cannot tell about the tan disclamation by the brand by the lovely combination of Multani mitti plus orange peel works as a great exfoliator rounded up as a face wash! I have always wanted an exfoliator which isn’t hard on my skin and something which I can use twice a day! this face wash works great for a face wash + exfoliator !

Price and Quantity:

INR 40 for 60 Ml

Variant being Reviewed:

Multani plus orange

One Word:

Distinct !


The face wash comes in a tube packaging with a flip cap which is super easy to use and carry.
banjaras facewash review


The face wash comes in micro beads form and has a scrub like thick consistency . The gooey texture helps to spread the face wash easily on my face.


Smells like orange fruit

Shade/ Colour:

Orange in color due to the orange peel ingredient

My experience:

I have been using this religiously and this has been my favorite facewash since I started using this. Its quite gentle yet exfoliating plus I like the dreamy fruity fragrance this facewash leaves after I wash my face. It removes dirt particles and greasy oil particles from my face without having to use a exfoliator which is a huge plus point for people who have oily skin like me. This face wash cleanses my skin easily without leaving it dry.

Availability: Available at online and offline stores.

In a Nutshell:

This is a very different face wash i have across. With its unique orange peel and Multani combination it can be easily classified as a distinct face wash !


  • Good packaging
  • Excellent pricing
  • Is more of a scrub but yet can be used on a daily basis
  • Fruity Fragrance is great
  • Leaves my face  looking clean and fresh
  • Exfoliator cum face wash
  • Great for oily skin


  • Doesn’t remove tan
  • Not suitable for all skin types, those who have dry skin can have break out for its beads are harsh.
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Who will like this:

Those who are looking for an affordable face wash to get rid of dirt, oil and tan at once, this for you! Leaves you looking fresh, clean and radiant!

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