10 Trending Wedding Ring Styles

Guest Post by Shana Tibi
While the wedding ring is a very old tradition when it comes to matrimony, wedding rings themselves can actually be quite trendy with major changes happening from one year to the next. There are always going to be people who like the traditional look, but as different trends come and go, and some actually end up becoming long-standing traditions by themselves, it becomes important to really look at the many options that are available and make sure the bride to be finds a wedding ring that she truly loves.

The good news is that non-traditional brides have plenty of options when it comes to creating a unique engagement ring. Do you prefer extremely colorful stones that draw the eye? Maybe a more vintage styled design? Do you like something simple but unique, something that you feel especially close to? All of these are viable options when it comes to getting the right engagement rings for you and your beloved. Read on to learn more about twelve of the most popular trends currently popular for engagement rings.

Trend #1: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Many people have heard of white gold and seemed a very unique glimmer and glamour that this particular type of metal can bring to an engagement ring, but very few people of heard about rose gold. True to its name, this pink color gold is making major waves as it gives all the benefits of gold of trading in the sometimes overly audacious yellow color in exchange for a more feminine rosy shade of pink that makes a beautiful ring and really accentuates a wide array of skin tones.

Trend #2: Colorful Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally people scorned colorful diamonds as not being pure enough. Today, brides are freed up to enjoy their favorite colored diamond. Check out the colorful engagement rings at Vidar Jewelry in yellow, pink, or other fancy hues. Some very adventurous brides who really like being completely different are even going with chocolate or black diamonds.

Trend #3: Colorful Non-Diamond Gemstones

Why go with the diamond at all? It's hard to beat the incredible look of a deep red ruby or the brilliant green of an emerald, and other precious gemstones like sapphires and topaz can create absolutely incredible rings that look gorgeous, will stick out, and help individuals enjoy a look that is much more up their alley.

Trend #4: Floral Accent Style Engagement Rings

Many people love the idea of having wedding bands that represent some type of connection to plant life or the natural world. Whether you like the idea of a wedding ring design involving vines, flowers, flower petals, or other customized designs, floral accents are an extremely popular style of engagement ring right now that really reach into the heart of the individuals who feel connected to the specific type of designs.

Trend #5: Square Band Engagement Rings

Square bands are definitely nontraditional when it comes to wedding rings, but well-made ones are definitely picking up steam as rings with square bands are frequently seen as being very comfortable as well is particularly sleek and stylish when done properly. If traditionally you have a hard time making rings fit, going with square bands is a great way to go.

Trend #6: Scrollwork Setting Engagement Rings

This is a very vintage style of wedding ring and isn't so much a new trend as the re-emergence of a classic look that was too good to stay away for too long. These are especially great rings to produce a truly great and special "one of a kind" look that brides truly love.

Trend #7: Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped diamond rings are also making a comeback as being a very popular and non-traditional alternative to your normal cut. Sometimes also referred to as Marquise-cut diamonds, these unique diamond ring still look great all also having the side effect of seeming to make your fingers appear slimmer and longer.

Trend #8: Double Shank Engagement Rings

This goes to the opposite side of customized engagement rings from unique and humble to very showy, but there's nothing wrong with the bride wanting to show off on her wedding day. Instead of having a single band of diamonds, the double Shank engagement ring allows for multiple bands of diamonds. This doesn't have to be overly gaudy as that extra space allows for some very exceptional ring designs that looks sleek and well planned out.

Trend #9: Embracing Mixed Metal Halo Engagement Rings

This type of engagement ring design is perfect for the person who doesn't want to choose between one or the other, but really want some combination of both. These designs allow engaged couples to combine multiple metals like traditional yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold, and more in a mixed and match way that gives the rings an incredibly unique look and style all the halo design makes the center stone of the ring look even larger than it already is. Not a bad deal for all involved.

Trend #10: Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Twisted bands give the metal part of the ring a very interesting looking dynamic that will definitely catch the attention of anyone paying more than even a passing glance to your jewelry. This is a truly non-traditional look that many people love.

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