12 Unique and Awesome Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali means lights, decorations, delicious sweets and  loads of gifts ( and sales too :D ).  The festive season is  a good reason to gift your near and dear ones, friends and family but most diwali gifts I have come across are mainly mithai, dry fruits or cookies. I know all these edible stuff is very traditional and popular but lets get real all this is VERY common and not to forget boring. If you really want to add an extra dash of fun this diwali and gift away something hatke and fun but are confused on what to buy then worry not we have you sorted.

Here I bring to you some amazing alternatives as diwali gifting ideas for friends and family

Edible Diwali gift ideas

#1 Sugar free modern mithai

Gifting delicious sweets on diwali is a tradition which isnt going to die anytime soon and if you really want to follow this tradition then up your game a bit and go the modern route. Sugar free mithai which have artificial sweeteners catering specially to the diet conscious and diabetic people are a better option to gift your loved ones and family this festive season.

Whom to gift: Friends on diet or relatives who are diabetic.

#2 Cake in jar

Contemporary desserts can make your festive season sweeter . Cakes are an essential part of celebrations in the west and you can do the same this diwali by gifting a yummy looking cake in a jar. Cake jars are basically yummy layered cakes baked in a jar which look super cute, travel friendly and gift friendly too. Diwali sweets now got more cute and modern too.
Where to buy:
Many bakeries in India now take orders for cake in a jar but if you want to try making these at home for special friends then here is a simple and detailed recipe guide from the colours of indian cooking
all things yummy from delhi make them
Price Factor: Small sized jars can cost around 200-250 INR . buy hamper here
Whom to Gift: Awesome gift idea for Friends and relatives

#3 Fusion mithai (aka Motichoor donuts )

Donuts with an indian touch make for an ideal diwali gift. Mad over donuts and many other high end donut outlets come up with special diwali editions which incorporate traditional flavours into donuts coming up with fusion mithai like Motichoor, Kaju Katri and Gulab Jamun. these donuts help you pamper your sweet tooth without letting monotony set in.
For more versions of fusion mithai you can even turn to Bikenervala, evergreen and signature who offer innovative options like custard-apple mithai , rose-petal barfi, phirni and chocolate twister and more
Where to buy:  High end donut outlets like mad over donuts or dunkin donuts. Also try bikenervala or signature mithai.
Price Factor:  Around  500 INR
Whom to Gift: Best gift idea for Friends and loved ones

#4 Nuts coated in variety of flavours (Nuts with a twist)

Nuts make for an amazing gift idea but give the nuts a twist this festive season. Nuts coated in a variety of flavours are a rage these days, think caramel Almonds, gur coated almonds, paan flavoured pistacios, peppery cashews, onion cashews, cinnamon coated raisins and Walnuts. Nutty Gritties offer these delicious nuts with a traditional twist. Give them a try.
Where to buy: Nutty Gritties
Price Factor:  The Yum range starts from 185 -350 . Pre made gift packs start at 1100 INR 
Whom to Gift: flavored nuts are cool gift idea for business clients

#5 Assorted Spices box

Assorted indian spices in a exotic box can make for a nice hatke diwali gift . This is inspired from SRK movie swadesh where Geeta gives Indian spices as a parting gift. This you can easily DIY by buying a beautiful box and spices from local market.
Where to buy: DIY or buy from Place of Origin here
Price Factor:  A box of diwali edition donut box costs around 500 INR
Whom to Gift:  this is nice unusal gift for mom or relatives

#6 Mehndi inspired cookies

Henna inspired cookies are sugar cooking with a fancy frosting . They are super colourful and fun making for amazing diwali gift idea. Any baker can make these for you.  If you are into baking you can make them yourself. See tutorial here
Where to buy: Made@home and Eclairs bakery can make them for you
Whom to Gift: Fun cookies are good gift idea for friends and relatives

Decorative diwali gift ideas

#7 Scented candles and Diffusers

Scented candles as a gift is not a very new option but not many gift it for diwali.  Try more traditional scents like jasmine to make the atmosphere more fragrant. You can even try diffusers and aroma lamps as gift ideas.
unique candle holders
Where to buy: Candles at Good earth & Fragrance Lounge, Diffusers from Borosil or Fabfurnish.
Whom to Gift: Girlfriends or wife.

#8 Fun kitchenware and glassware

Quirky printed napkin holders, trays, jars, coffee mugs, cushion covers are a thing these days. Chumbak has launched a new diwali special collection which has all these and more. These are not only good gifts but also are great way to give your home and kitchen a makeover. Serving guests mithai in quirky trays are the way to go! For a more opulent gift idea you can turn to casa pop, borosil or elvy for sterling silver bowls, cake stands
Where to buy: Chumbak, Borosil, fabfurnish .
Whom to Gift: Relatives and business associates

#9 Candle holders and lanterns

The beauty of diwali is in the lighted up atmosphere it offers. Diyas ofcourse cant be eliminated for the traditional touch but you can add more charm to the decoration with funky lanterns in different shapes and sizes. Even candles are a nice sophisticated way to light up and to make things more fun you can make use of  beautiful candle holders. Gifting lanterns and candle holders is also an amazing idea as it gels so nicely with the theme of diwali
Where to buy: Chumbak has some funky lanterns and candle holder. Also check out their cute bird cages. Fabfurnish, casa-pop and urban dazzle also have some nice options.
Whom to Gift: This is an awesome gift idea for relatives

Beauty and Personal Care gift ideas

#10 Essential oils

Pamper your loved ones by gifting them the luxury of essential oils. Forest essentials has gift boxes and many Indian beauty brands come up with special edition gift boxes giving you variety to choose from. You can also make your own essential oil personalized gift basket by putting together aromatic treasures. Buy different essential oils from your favourite brand (or a mix of brands ), add in a handmade soap a bottle of gulab jal , massage oil and TADA! Personalized luxury gift!
Where to buy:  Soulflower , Soultree, Sattvik Organics, forest essentials.
Whom to Gift: Essential oil is a unique diwali gift idea for family members or your girl friend

#11 Organic lip balms and cute handmade soaps

If a person has a passion for beauty and personal care like I have it makes sense to gift them beauty related stuff. Organic lip balms packaged prettily and cute handmade soaps are a good festive gift idea. Organic harvest, EOS have some super cute packaged lip balms.
Where to buy:  Soulflower , Khadi natural soaps, EOS
Whom to Gift: Organic lip balms are good gift ideas for beauty crazy women or girls in your family.

#11  Ittar and perfumes

Perfumes have always been an alluring gift idea but for a more indian feel you can try  aromatic attars from Ajmal which are also easy on the pocket. All Good Scents offers some quality perfumes at amazing prices. You can try their scentbox with samples or try their custom gift box.
Where to buy:  All good scentsand ajmal on flipkart
Whom to gift: Perfumes are good gifts for men

#12 Beauty Boxes and bags

Subscription beauty boxes are a rage in India and many brands offer a variety of make up and skin care products in a well packaged bag or box. Fabbag has a festive bag launched for this month and you can gift it if you have a beautyholic sister or wife. Even the natures co and envy box are great options. There are more subscription boxes like zotiqq for jewellery or oh cute box which offer something different making for very unique gifts
Whom to gift: Subscription boxes are nice gifts for women

Have anymore unique gift ideas for the festive season? Tell us!

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