Keep Mosquitoes away with Mosquito Repellents from Good Knight

Keeping your surroundings and home free from mosquitoes is very important in these times where diseases like Dengue and Malaria are on a rise. These bloodsucking insects can easily ruin your sleep in the night and also cause major health issues for you and your family during the day. For a safe and a healthy life you can use Mosquito Repellents from good knight.

Good knight is a well known brand and provides necessary protection from mosquitoes both indoor & outdoors with a variety of mosquito repellent products like Good Knight Fabric Roll-on, Good Knight Patches for Babies and Good Knight Activ Plus System.

I usually use mosquito nets but during monsoons there are just too many mosquitoes and I end up using liquid mosquito repellent. Also mosquitoes which cause dengue are known to bite only in day so you need to be more careful and have proper preventive measures and mosquito repellents ready to stay safe and protected. Good knight offers innovative electric and non-electric mosquito solutions.

Innovative electric and non-electric mosquito Solutions from Good knight

#1 Good Knight Patches for Babies

Patches with DEET can protect your kids against mosquito bites. Good knight patches can be used for babies and adults and is 100% natural. These patches are effective against mosquitoes for upto 8 hours.

#2 Good Knight Activ Plus System

Good Knight also has electric solution to keep mosquitoes at bay. Good Knight Activ Plus machine is easy to use and provides great value for money as every refill lasts for upto 60 days. I use this when it rains and mosquito infestation is on a steep rise. The dual power mode is very nice addition as I put the machine on activ+ mode for about 15 minutes and then switch to mild mode and the smell is also milder in this orange mode

#3 Good Knight Fabric Roll On personal Repellent

Fabric roll-on is a simple and effective way to stay protected from mosquitoes outdoors. Good knight fabric roll-on is easy to use and helps keep dengue away in your kids. You can put four dots of this roll-on on clothing of kids and get upto 8 hours of protection.

More ways to Keep Mosquitoes away

  • Some plants act like a natural mosquito repellent helping you get rid of mosquitoes while you also get an excuse to keep your surroundings green. Consider adding plants like Marigold, basil, lemongrass and mint to your garden
  • Camphor or kapur which people use in pujas is also good at repelling mosquitoes. Put some camphor on a warm surface for a mosquito free home.
  •  Bed nets are best way to keep children safe from mosquito bites while they sleep. 
  • Reduce skin exposure by wearing long sleeves, socks and full pants during monsoons and times when there is dengue or malaria outbreak in your state.
  • You can use citronella oil for mosquitoes. Add a drop of this oil to the bucket of water with which your floor is mopped.
  • Keep your surroundings free of stagnant water which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Stay Safe and protected and keep Mosquitoes away with Mosquito Repellent from Good Knight and these tips. 


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