6 Ways to Sparkle this New Year Eve

Hey beauties, it’s glam December, let’s prep up for a year to remember! The Xmas season is not just a month of joy and gratitude, but also a time to light up your life. It’s time to usher in new beginnings and let go unhappy endings. As you gear up for the coming year, set new targets and add a new itinerary, we suggest you set new fashion goals as well. After all, your appearance is the reflection of your inner self.
So, expand your fashion arsenal not just with amazing apparel but also awesome jewellery pieces. Classy, sexy, or hot, pick your look with the right accessories and simply make heads turn. Rock the right sparklers with the right outfit and make an extra ordinary statement. Why not start with a brand new look on the New Year Eve itself?

Diamond Solitaries & ‘Red’astic Dress  
What better time than wearing a red dress to a New Year Eve party. Red is a bold yet a charming choice for a dress. But most often than not, it’s the Little Black Dress that rules the roost. For once, keep aside the LBD and put on saucy red. Add a dash of glamour by donning a pair of diamond solitaires drop earrings.  The entire look will not only set you apart but also speak volumes about your bold and gritty attitude.

Keep it Casual yet Funky
Family get-togethers and outdoor barbeque parties are mainstays of Christmas season.  For a casual yet funky look put on a holiday themed sweater with a pair of jeans and boots. Accessorize it with a woolen tassel cap. As for the jewellery, put on your gold pendant, preferably with a long gold chain. Subtle yet chic, the warm sweater and boots will keep you warm and cozy throughout the evening. The gold pendant is a real charm, enunciating the feminine and sweet side of you. 

Sequin, Sparkle & Stilettoes
If you are keen to show off your sequin dress with the right blend of sparkles and stilettoes, what better opportunity than a New Year party. Elegant and beautiful, these three ingredients; Sequin, Sparkle & Stilettoes will up your glamour quotient by several notches. A subtle shade of sequin dress in dull gold with fancy stilettoes, clutch bag and gold necklace that has an eclectic, contemporary design available with online jewellery retailers like CaratLane will certainly bring out the diva in you.

Boho Fashion, Poncho & What not
If you are girl who doesn’t live by a rule book, your new year eve look should justify that side of you. Wear a Poncho over a pair of casual jeans or dress. When it comes to accessorizing this stylish and edgy look, put on an elegant pair of gold bangles or bracelet. This subtle display of fashion will surely win adulation and set your mood for some awesome fun.

Leather it up
Leather clothes and accessories are not just timeless they are also quite durable and versatile. You can wear it on any occasion- casual party, formal event, shopping trip etc. However, leather clothing can be quite uncomforting during summers. So, as temperature dips and festivities take center stage, bring out your stylish leather dress, pants, or jacket. Team these up with right pair of shoes and accessories, maybe a pair of gold chandelier earrings can do the magic.

Don a Trench Dress
If you love dresses, a trench dress is your epiphany.  Chic, classy and apt for semi-casual occasion, a trench styled dress is an ultimate dinner party assemblage.  Just team the dress with a pair of elegant drop earrings, pumps and handbag to complete the look. As for the hair, tie your hair in a bun for that glamorous, vintage Hollywood appeal.  
With these styling and accessorizing tips, your New Year’s Eve look is ought to be bang on.  But remember girls, clothing and accessories are external factors that brighten up your personality. The real you, is within you. So just stay happy, confident, beautiful and bid adieu to this year on a high note.


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