6 Tips to Get Your Makeup Right When Hurrying for a Party

The majority of women find it almost impossible to get ready for a party with time to spare. Hair, makeup, clothes and shoes need to be mixed and matched, and no amount of time is enough is to nail the perfect look.
So what do you do when you have to attend an impromptu office bash after work or join your boyfriend for a get-together on a short notice?
It is important that every girl has a few aces up her sleeve that have her looking her gorgeous best in no time.
Makeup that double-tasks and smart use of tools are important to work your way to quick solutions and resolve blemishes on skin, under-eye dark circles and limp hair.
Here are a few tips for you if you want to look party-ready when running short of time.

  • Moisturize Your Skin Effectively

A moisturized skin with a healthy glow is attractive. If you have time to take a quick shower, then use an in-shower moisturizer that will give you instant super-soft skin after you rinse and towel off. Such a product can work well because moisturizer is thrown in along with your body cleanser, which deeply moisturizes your skin as you lather up.

  • Get the Dewy Glow

A golden tan makes you look party-ready instantly. Mix liquid bronzer with a good-quality firming body cream. This will not only give the best results, but will also temporarily tighten the skin, while giving it an enviable golden glow.
To get the perfect luminous skin on your face, apply liquid bronzer on the skin and contour to get a subtle glow.
Strobing allows your face to glow in all the right places. This quick and easy technique makes your skin look luminescent and shimmery, without being in-your-face. In strobing, you add highlighter and shimmer to the areas on your face where light naturally hits to give them a lovely glow. Use the highlighter on your cheekbones and along your temples, below the brow bone, in the corner of your eyes, above the cupid’s brow, and on the bridge of your nose. Gel bronzers work well with strobing.
Also, remember to spray on moisturizing mist or oil-free moisturizer to replenish and plump up your skin before putting on makeup.

  • Contrast Your Eye and Nail Colors

Fretting over whether your manicure goes with your makeup and dress will prove to be a drain on time and nerves.
The easy way out is to go for eye makeup and nail polish in contrasting colors. Smoldering eye makeup will complement a nude or off-white nail paint, and minimal eye makeup will go well with dark nail polish.

  • Prep Your Eye Lids

When putting on eye makeup, work a cream-based concealer on to your lids and the inner corners of your eyes. This will help cover blemishes and dark circles, and give a base for your eye shadow to cling on to. A primer will also help hold the eye shadow in place and prevent it from creasing and falling off.
A light eye shadow over the primer will give the perfect look to go along with dark or bright lip color, bold eyeliner or with dramatic eye lashes.
If you want a serious pop of color with your eye shadow, then apply white liner before starting with the eye shadow.
Also, basic knowledge of which colors and shades are meant for different parts of your eyes helps. Whether you have duo, trio, quad or quintet eye shadow palette, all colors have specific intended area of use. The lightest color in the palette works as brow bone highlighter, the second-lightest shade works on the lid, the second-darkest color is ideal for the crease, and the darkest color should be blended in the corner of the eyes. Windshield motion will help blend in shades on crease and prevent sharp lines.

  • A Hint of Shine on Your Body

If you are wearing a really glamorous outfit, then a hint of shine on your body will complete the party look.
A dusting of shimmery body powder on the chest suits low-cut necklines. You can dab soothing body lotion on your skin to ensure the sparkles stay in place and do not rub off on your dress.

  • Tame Your Tresses

Nothing glams you up like lustrous, voluminous and silky tresses. But, you need not spend hours at the salon to get the dream hairstyle.
If you are at work and your hair is looking lifeless by the end of the day, revive the hair products you used in the morning by running a wet hand through your mane.
Always keep a styling product handy at the office for a quick fix on days you are going out in the evening. A non-sticky gel will work for short hair and a texturizing cream will help curly hair look great. Poker-straight hair can be styled using a smoothening serum.
A quick shower and perfect blowout will help you hair look its best. After you have blow-dried your hair, use a flatiron to smoothen unruly strands from the underneath sections. Ensure that you set the hair dryer at the right temperature. Do not over-heat and make sure it is within the range of 175°F-370°F.
Invest in quality professional-grade hot tools that will dry and style your hair in no time. Blow-dryers with strong motors and superior air flow, flatirons with digital thermometers, and curling irons that spin in position are the high-end products that will help you get ready in a jiffy.

Conclusion ~
Getting ready for parties quickly is an art as a well as a matter of practice. Over the course of time, you will know what works for you what doesn’t. You will be able to make makeup decisions faster, and find that getting ready for impromptu bashes is actually a breeze.
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