Why You Should Shop Independent For SS17

In the world of fashion, trends and styles emerge and disappear in what feels like minutes. It’s time to move away from the popular fast fashion and time to move closer to independent labels, creating distinct and unique styles. It is time to purchase pieces that are designed for specially for a style, rather than being designed in order to make a large sum of money for large businesses. With independent brands you get a feel of the company and their style, which is what fashion is truly about. To guide you through independent labels, we’ve come up with 5 independent brands you should consider in SS17 aka the Spring Summer fashion season 2017.

 BOY London

BOY London has seen somewhat of a revival in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago the brand was only sold in charity shops across the UK and now we have seen them reassert their dominance in the streetwear and independent clothing market. The brand has always been associated with celebrities, ever since its release in 1976, but now it has gone that little further. The identity behind the brand remains there and with the brand continuing to thrive, BOY London have re-established themselves as a pioneer in fashion.

Criminal Damage

Like BOY London, the focus for Criminal Damage is the streetwear styling. However, with Criminal Damage you’re getting a style that caters to an individual styling. Criminal Damage’s designs and styles are for the brave, the bold and offers a distinct styling with each of their products. Whether you’re looking for skinny joggers, a white hoodie, or you’re simply looking for a new outfit, Criminal Damage can simply get you through it with their range of styles and designs.

Folk Clothing

Folk Clothing are a little different compared to the previous individual brands. BOY London and Criminal Damage are known for their distinct, yet unmatched designs, whereas Folk are the opposite. Folk are known for minimalistic designs, their simplistic styling and is always has an aesthetically pleasing finish. It is most definitely a brand that will continue to thrive in an ever changing fashion styling.

This article is a guest post by Roman Winter.

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