20 Stylish Bridal Nose Ring Designs || Significance of Nath in Indian Wedding

Nath or the nose ring is important bridal accessory and almost all brides wear this traditional accessory. These days when wedding guests turn up wearing jhoomars, matha pattis and maang tikkas the bridal nath is a piece of jewellery which sets the bride apart . The nose ring is only worn on the wedding day, so all brides should definitely consider adding this accessory to their wedding look as it has potential to totally transform your look.

Bridal nath is part of our culture but it was not a big thing years back until Aishwarya Rai flaunted her royal bridal look in Jodhaa Akbar. Even the recent Bajirao Mastani had amazing nath designs for you to get inspiration from. If you are still undecided on whether to wear a nose ring or skip it on your wedding day I suggest you do a trial and see for yourself how it distinguishes you from the rest. Also you dont need a nose piercing to wear a nose ring, there are many clip on naths available which you can wear and discard off. Always go for a high quality imitation nath instead of a real gold one because you are never going to wear it again, ever.

20 Stylish Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Nose rings are available in a variety of designs, sizes and styles these days and here I bring to you some stylish bridal nath designs for you to help decide on what suits your wedding look best.

#1 Floral clip on Bridal ring design

The latest bridal nose ring trend has a thin hoop adorned with flower droplets and a delicate pearl string holding it. this is available in both cip on and pieced style for you to choose as per your requirement.

#2 The traditional Maharastrian nath

Maharastrian brides wear a unique bridal nose piece which has pearls and stones in it. This is a very traditional  bridal nose ring and if you are going for a full on traditional look you can try this nose piece. Even wedding guests sometimes are spotted wearing this nath with silk sarees

#3 Elaborate Kundan Bridal Nose Ring Design

Brides are allowed to go all out and load themselves with accessories because it is their day. If you dont want anything simple this drool worthy bridal nose ring design should be your choice. This crystal, kundan and pearl encrusted nath is a pure stunner and this bride co-ordinates it with her other jewellery. If you want a similar look consider going for a nath in real gold and ask your jeweler to design something matching your bridal necklace set.

#4 Statement vintage Bridal Nose Ring Design

Dramatic oversized vintage bridal nose rings are a rage this wedding season. If you want to go for an old world grace try these vintage nose rings which have so much going on.

#5 Oversized round bridal nose ring

If you want oversized but still want to keep things simple go for a studded hoop and a thin plain gold string holding the nath.

 #6  Stunning kundan nath without chain

Popularized by Sonam Kapoor on her Cannes outing the kundan nath minus the chain is a good option if your bridal look is more contemporary than traditional. I suggest you try something like this for your wedding reception and use the traditional bridal nose ring for your wedding pheras. This kind of nath will also look stunning for your cocktail or sangeet.

#7 Gorgeous gold bridal nose ring designs

#7 Bridal nose ring with colored stones and hanging pearl

#8  Regal bridal nose ring design with layered multiple chains 

If over sized nose ring is a trend spotted everywhere , the multiple chains trends is pretty new and exciting. This gorgeous bridal nose ring is sure to be talk of the town and adds so much glam to your bridal look. 

#9 Tiny bridal nose ring with pearl encrusted chain

If you are worried about how to eat and drink with a bridal nose ring on, go for a tiny nose ring with a more elaborate chain. This nose ring can also be reused later without the chain.

#10 Small hoop bridal nose ring design with studded chain

If tiny nose ring isnt your thing go for somewhere in the middle and choose a medium sized nose ring which equally dramatic thanks to small droplets on ring and the chain.

#11 Statement encrusted nose ring with pearl chain

# 12 Latest kundan bridal nose ring design with chain

#13 Jodhaa Akbar Huge hoop bridal nose ring design with a small flower

#14 Tiny dulhan nose ring with chain

#15 Decorative intricate bridal nose ring design

#16  Gorgeous bridal nose ring design with coloured stones

#17 Minimal bridal nose ring design with studded chain

#18 Beautiful Coloured hoop bridal nose ring with green beaded chain

#19 Contemporary Bridal Nose Ring Design 

#20 Simple thin hoop only Bridal Nose Ring Design

Significance of Nose Rings in Indian culture and weddings

Nose piercing have their origin in middle east which was introduced to India during the Mughal rule. Women of all religions in India get their nose pierced as the nose ring is now considered a fashion accessory but these nose rings worn on a daily basis are tiny and delicate unlike their bridal counterparts which are huge and elaborate
Majority of women get left nostril pierced because it is known to have medical benefits according to ayurveda. It is believed that the left nostril has association with female reproductive organs and getting it pierced can ease menstrual and child birth pains. Getting the right nostril or even the septum is also pretty common in India, infact some women get both sides of the nose pierced (this is common in rural or tribal parts of India).

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