21 Unique DIY Jewelry Storage and Organizing Ideas

Be it a necklace, ring, bracelet or even a tiny studded brooch, we women love our jewelry and share a deep emotion with every piece we own. I personally adore my jewelry, especially the ones which I have an emotional connect with and like to take a little extra care while storing and organizing them.

Jewelry is that piece of possession which can darken, accumulate silt or change colour if not stored in the right way. Apart from that, organizing your jewelry and storing it in the right way at the right place also makes life so much easier. It makes your jewelry easily accessible every time you dress up, especially when you are in a hurry!

 So why not take some extra care to organize and store your favourite jewelry? Listed below are 21 cool, fun and unique ways to help you get started(No. 13 is a MUST try!)

21 DIY easy and unique ways to organize your jewelry:

1. Repurpose Your Crockery: DIY jewelry organizer:

Your cups and saucers can make for a great way to organize and store your jewelry! Storing your favourite jewelry in crockery is both aesthetically appealing and a great way to stay super organized. You can glue together 2-3 cups or saucers and make your own DIY jewelry organizers! 

2. Make use of old ice cube trays:

Combining different metals together can result in a reaction which will inturn blacken and rust your jewelry so it's best to store every piece separately. Your old ice cube trays can make for lovely drawer dividers, glue them inside your drawer and store your jewelry in a way that it's easily accessible and super convenient!

3. Turn your cloth hanger into a necklace holder:

Cloth hangers can be used to DIY a lot of interesting things and using it as your very own necklace holder is a great way to upcycle them! You can just hang one close to your wardrobe/dressing table and use it to store your chains, bracelets and necklaces.

4. Upcycle your watch package pillows to organize bracelets:

Cushions and jewelry are best friends. Upcycle your watch pillow packaging and use them it to store your favourite bracelets - such a cozy idea! 

5. Turn Your Curtain hangers into DIY Necklace holders:

Curtain hangers can be the ultimate jewelry organizer and DIY necklace holder as they have these hooks which can store multiple types of jewelry. Apart from necklaces, bracelets and chains you can hang your rubber bands and hairbands in here too!

6. Make earring holders out of old carton boxes:

7. Press and Seal your jewelry to prevent it from oxidizing: 

8. Use small transparent pouches attached to rings to store your tiny pieces of jewelry:

9. DIY and Re purpose your old Photo Albums:

10. DIY your very own earring holder frame:

11. Make a Earring Book to keep all your studs at one place.

12. DIY an 'easy-access' earring holder using Ice cream sticks:

13. Make a fancy earring mesh just by using lace and your sewing frame:

14. Upcycle your grater an turn it into a unique jewelry holder:

15. Use a sturdy chain to store and showcase your danglers:

16. Upcycle Badminton racket:

17. Make your own jewelry box using an old box and some sponge strips:

18. Turn your stiletto into a fancy ring holder:

19. Use your pill box to store tiny jewelry:

20. Use sturdy paper plates as jewelry organizer:

21. Turn your old champagne bottles into bracelet holders:

So those were the many fun and unique ways in which you can organize and store your jewelry. Which of them are you trying first? let me know in the comments below!


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