Top 5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In India: Love In The Air

One of the most awaited special events in life for Indians is the wedding. It is a grand occasion which deserves everything to happen in the best manner. Well, wedding is not the only memorable event in life; rather honeymoon also counts to be a terrific event in the couple’s life. There are numerous destinations in India where couples love to spend quality time.
Whether one likes to relax on the sandy beaches of Goa or experience the chill of Himachal, enjoy the adventures in Sikkim or enjoy a lavish stay in the palace of Rajasthan, India as options for every dream of the couple. The couple needs to plan the destination in advance to make early and hassle free bookings. For instance, as Indian wedding cards are made months before the wedding day, similarly bookings for the honeymoon have to be done early.

Popular Indian honeymoon destinations:

Here is an exclusive list of best honeymoon destinations in India, check them out.

1. Backwaters of Kerala:

It is surely a paradise for the couples in love. The serene lakes, lush greenery and calm environment make a perfect ambience to enhance love between bride and groom. One can rent out a houseboat and spend delightful time. In addition to this, there are coffee plantations, lakes and mountains to explore as well. Moreover, getting a spa therapy can be a cherry on the icing.

2. Romantic beaches of Goa:

For the most romantic and stylish honeymoon, Goa can be an ideal destination. Stunning shores, vibrant night life, classic Portuguese culture, Goan cuisine and lovely atmosphere everywhere, what more a couple can ask for? In addition to this, couples can visit forts and museums, get massages, and relax on the beach shacks while enjoying drinks. Truly, Goa is a heaven for honeymooners.

3. Relax in tranquil Andamans:

Do you want to take your beloved to a destination which is unique from the routine world? If so then plan a long honeymoon stay in Andamans, which will surely make your honeymoon worth remembering all your life. Imagine a secluded island, candle light dinners, crystal clear beaches, enchanting culture and warm hearted people; Andamans can be a wonderful destination to multiply the love moments between the man and the woman.

4. Exotic background of Kashmir:

If you are looking for a luxurious honeymoon with your wife then think no further than Kashmir. The name itself brings pristine pictures of white snow, extravagant Dal Lake, sumptuous local Kashmiri cuisine, and cozy hotel rooms; all blend in to create magical instances for the couple.

5. Himalayan coverage in Darjeeling:

Darjeeling can be just right location for an enticing honeymoon. It is not so crowded and is filled with many natural scenic points which makes a love filled background for the newlyweds. Tea estates, famous Darjeeling train, and authentic cuisine of East India attract many couples to feel the essence of nature.

Choose any one destination from the above list and make advance bookings for flight, hotels and other packages to have a smooth and memorable honeymoon. 

*This post is a guest article by Parekh N

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