20 Latest Engagement Dresses For Men || Engagement Outfit Ideas For Indian Groom

Its not just the women who tend to ponder over the question 'What to wear?' but even men face the challenge and become immensely unsure of deciding over what to wear ! If you think wearing a suit is the only option we are here to help you chose an engagement wear for groom which is not just a boring suit but much more , whilst not making a fool of oneself.

If there was any better day to look good for you, it is your engagement day ! You might be wondering as to why, well gentlemen , this might be your last chance to leave an impression on your soon-to-be in laws. With Indian engagement parties having loads and loads of relatives in attendance , its your best chance to impress and convince them that you are the best match for their daughter and very much deserve their respect! Your engagement event is no way a time to experiment with looks and outfits. Its wise to play safe and ditch those loud designer wear or puzzling suits ! Your engagement ceremony is going to put you in limelight and you probably want to dress in such a way which gives a message you want to be taken seriously! Hence dressing for an engagement ceremony needs proper research and a little effort , that's it! You want to look formal and wear something which has ' I put in some effort' touch to it. Tried and tested classics and formal attire is best and we here at Blingsparkle have you covered on what to wear to your engagement party !

Engagement Wear For Groom Inspiration | What To Wear For An Engagement Party For Men

Dressing up on their special day is a task be it men or women. But dressing up for your own engagement can be a daunting one for men. One can wear a Sherwani for his wedding but when you are getting engaged , you are going to be the center of attention! An engagement dress for groom might look like an unimportant thing but trust me guys it makes the most difference when your in laws and family is going to see you start your life in a good fitted suit. When it comes to Indian engagement outfits, Indian men have a lot of options to choose from. Lets take a dive into 20 engagement wear for Indian groom .

What To Wear To Your Engagement? Latest Engagement Outfit ideas For Men

When you are getting engaged, its best to stick to tried and tested classics but you can add your own elements of traditional touches to color coordinate with what your partner is wearing. You do not have much room for creativity but there are loads of outfits which will help you show off your personality and make you the star of the evening. Women might have loads of options when it comes to ; what to wear to an engagement party?' but men seem to have very limited options and hence I am going to help you find the most suitable outfit for your engagement ceremony!

Latest engagement dresses for men 2018-2019

#1 Stylish Bandhgala 

You can't go wrong with a stylish Bandhgala ! Pair it with a black kurta and a white chudidar pant. A stylish bandhghala in charcoal or black is sure to get you on the best dressed grooms list !

#2 Classic Light colored Kurta - Pyajama

A classic Kurta-pajama is the ideal choice for a traditional engagement ceremony . Dress it up with a dark colored vest or dress it down with a waistcoat!

#3 The Classic off white Long Bandhgala

If you are a groom who wants to keep it elegant and sophisticated for his engagement then opt for off white long Bandghalas for a royal yet subtle effect !

#4 Indo Western Sherwani

Indo-western sherwani's are in full swing this season for they not only look great but have an Indian touch to them ! This dhoti style sherwani is a great way to impress your partners family!

#5 Traditional Pathani Suit

One can never go wrong with a pathani suit ! Pick a color that looks great with your complexion and it i sure to visually appeal everybody out there on your engagement!

#6 Suiting In Deep Bold Colors :

Ditch the basic color variants for a burgundy or a marsala colored suit! The rich wine colored suit is sure to make you the star of the evening, which you very much deserve ! the color would be a statement in itself ! this would suit all complexions and dusky Indian men can carry of this color with ease!

Or you could even spice up your bold slim fit suit with brown oxfords like the one here below..

#7 Splendid Jodhpuris

A groom-to-be can be a sight to sore eyes too , a splendid jodhpuri suit can give  a run for his money anyday! *wink wink*

#8 Nehru Jacket With Western Wear

Who knew plain western wear could look so much more awesome with just a Nehru jacket? Try this guys !

#9 Minimalist Nawabi Sherwani

If you are having a huge ceremony with all the relatives in attendance , chances of you being overshadowed increase , which is why you can choose between a minimalist sherwani or a nawabi sherwani and stand out from the huge crowd, after all you are the one who is getting engaged !

#10 Cowl Kurtas:

The most unconventionally stylish grooms would zero upon a Cowl kurta ! These trendy kurta features an asymmetric cowled draped tunic at front along with churidaar pants. Looks absolutely stunning on men and is a great fashionable pick for your engagement ceremony!
Wear your cowl Kurta with a vest or a waist coat to instantly lift your outfit and give it some glam factor! You are sure to look smashing with this one.

#11 All WHITE

If you are the kind who likes to keep it fuss free and dressed down, you can wear an all in all white kurta -pyajama.

#12 The Velvet TOUCH

Giving your attire a touch of royalty is also another option for you, you can d this by adding elements of velvet clothing pieces in your outfit. Velvet is just restricted to women , it is popping all over in men's fashion! Make a style statement at your engagement with it! It could be a vest or a jacket or even velvet pants ! Engagement dress for grooms now mostly consist of velvet material suits!

#13 Floral Prints

Gone are the days when florals were only associated with women and home decor! Embrace the florals this wedding season ! One of the most quirky and fun engagement dress for groom this wedding season are the floral printed sherwani and floral printed jackets. You are bound to look your most interesting and fun side with them. Do check out the floral collection by Sabyasachi and Rohil Bal , they have an excellent collection of floral men's wear which you can rock for your engagement ceremony!

#14 The Royal Sherwani:

 If you are one of those kind who wants to be the best dressed in his engagement ceremony, then don't settle anything but the best- the royal sherwani! Keep in mind the weaving, material and ornamentation and choose a color that brings out the best in you. If you are well built and are tall enough , you can fr heavy embroidery designer sherwanis in deep blue or maroon for that royal effect ! Pair it with Mughlai styled juttis to give that extra added effect!

#15 The Overlapping Kurtas


The market is flooded with trendy and designer kurtas for men and the latest to make an entry are the overlapping kurtas ! Chic, trendy and ethnic-they are here to make you look smart yet give the down to earth vibe. With a jacket like short kurta at the front, overlapping a traditional kurta , plus a matching pyajama, this dress will give you an elegant look ! This one definitely tops the list when it comes to latest engagement dresses for men for the year 2018 !

#16 SmartY Pants

You can even add a pair of fancy pants or a well fitted pant in bold color to add charm to your whole outfit. If you are wearing a traditional kurta you can choose between a mughlai salwar, well fitted chudidars or pre-stitched dhoti pants. And if you are wearing a silk shirt or polo topped up with a blazer , you can go for a lighter or darker shade chino pants accordingly. Invest some f your time choosing the right pair of pants as this sure to get you the title of Best dressed in the category of engagement outfit for men.

#17 Designer Achkans:

This Indo-Persian mix style of a sherwani is very popular when it comes to engagement dress for groom in India. A long knee length coat tailored to perfection is sure to make you stand out and make look exquisite on your very special day ! This another option and you have a variety of colors and styles to choose from !

#18 Semi-formal Outfits:

If the word 'casual' is for you, then pick a semi-formal outfit ! Or if you are planning for a small celebration with just the closest of family and friends for your engagement ceremony, then a casual swagger look would do. Pick a trendy printed cotton shirt and pair it with a blazer. Or you could even wear denims with a well fitted jacket !

#19 Dhoti Pants

Indian men's couture is full of outfits for men that have a dhoti pant! Now shed the fear of your dhoti being pulled open with stitched dhoti pants ! Style em up with your kurta or sherwani for a stylish look !

#20 Suits With Sneakers

Want a greater impression but yet want to look semi formal? Go for the utterly impeccable groom suit with sneakers for guys to impress your fiancees to the core.

Engagement Wear For An Indian Groom: The Dos, Dont's and tips

Now we have come across all the options when it comes to engagement outfits for men, here's a quick peek at some of the pointers you need to keep in mind while selecting the outfit for your engagement :

  • Choose the right size. Period. (YES ! Please ) as there is nothing that screams ‘I don’t have my life together’ than an ill-fitting outfit.
  • A sherwani might be a go-to option as most men find it very troublesome to take out time to shop or even try something new. If sherwani is your choice then make sure you have fun with it. Get your creativity out , mix and match and customize your outfit to color coordinate with your partner.
  • Majority of the men's wear have standard colors like grey-white,black & white or beige and white , the waistcoat does offer you a chance to be a bit creative. Try wearing waistcoats in bold colors or bold materials like velvet !
  • Don't wear something uncomfortable or anything which is out of your league. You want to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Express your personal style while dressing up for your engagement ceremony. The more confident you feel, the better your photos will turn out!
  • Its obvious you will be getting the whole engagement ceremony captured and you will be clicked several times, wear a smile as it is the best accessory !
  • If you are not the experimental type , its best to stick to plain black ! Black can never go wrong fellas !
  • Whatever you opt to wear make sure it is well fitted and is a well-put together smart tailored outfit. Engagement dresses for men look stunning when they are styled up to perfection !
  • Indian engagement dress for groom does not follow any strict guidelines which is why you don’t have to stick to strict dress etiquette. You can ditch the traditional sherwani for a Indo-Western outfit or Kurta-Pyajama which is formal and stylish, whilst not being quite so full on.
  • If you are opting for formal suits which can be quite boring , you can amp up your engagement dress style by wearing stylish shoes with it. Finish the look off with a pair of brown oxford or  leather shoes. This will keep the outfit from becoming too formal and adds even more stylish detail that you wouldn’t get from black shoes.
  • As I have stated earlier, your engagement ceremony must not be taken lightly. Redefine your choices and dress up to the mark . Do not compromise on any of your dressing choices after all a man get's engaged only once in his lifetime !
  • Even though there are a lot of options for best engagement dress for Indian grooms, its important you choose what suits your personality and one that fits you perfectly. As dressing up in a good outfit will add a bit to your whole personality (& hopefully gain some sartorial style points among the other side of the family) *wink*
Do you have more Indian Engagement dress For groom ideas? What is your choice of attire when it comes to your engagement ceremony? tell us in comments below.
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