Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil Review

I like applying coconut oil for my hair but in winter I prefer organic oil blends which are warmer or pure almond oil. Last winter my sister who is a huge moroccan oil infused hair care fan suggested I give Argan oil a try and I started using it by mixing it with almond oil. Argan oil is an essential in my haircare routine for almost a year now and these days Iam using it on my skin too. When Speaking Tree wanted me to test out their argan carrier oil I just said a big fat Yes and here is my detailed review of their argan oil.

Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil Review

Price and Quantity: 390 for 15ml
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Shelf Life: 24 months

Packaging of Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil :

Packaging of Argan carrier oil is same like the essential oil from this brand. It comes packaged  in a tinted blue bottle with a screw cap which is leak proof. The bottle has a nozzle which dispenses right amount of product. and there is also an extra empty sleek roll on glass bottle in which you can transform some oil and use on face, lips, under eyes or even like perfume ittar. I really like the packaging and think it was a very good idea to include a roll on bottle which I find myself using a lot. I put some argan oil in roll on bottle and apply it on my face. The roll on has a metallic ball which also soothes my skin.

About Argan Oil:
Extracted from the kernels of argan tree, argan oil is also called moroccan oil and has many skin and hair benefits. It is a naturally moisturizing, healing and anti ageing making it a craze with beauty industry in recent times. If you really want to benefit from goodness of argan oil try 100% pure oil from speaking tree.

My experience with Speaking Tree Argan carrier oil:

Argan oil from Speaking Tree is transparent and has a runny consistency. I use this oil mostly on m hair and sometimes on my face too and it works well both ways .
For my hair I take some oil on my palms and apply directly into my hair and it gets absorbed easily . Sometimes When I am in mood to pamper my hair I mix almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil and olive oil in equal quantities and apply 30 minutes before having a bath. This oil is lighter than heavy oils like olive oil so I apply it on my hair ends even after bath like a serum of sorts. I love using this oil on my hair as it makes my dry hair soft, smooth and manageable without the chip chipy greasy feeling. After my trip to lucknow where I had a lot of hard water baths my hair had becomes dry and brittle and when I arrived back in my city I started using speaking tree argan oil and now my hair looks a lot more healthy and silky. I must say argan oil is a miracle oil especially if you have dry frizzy hair like mine.

For my skin I mix a drop of argan oil with a drop of rosehip oil and apply in the night  on my face and wake up to nourished and soft face in the morning. This oil gets absorbed easily into skin and works well for dry skin. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which boost cell production and prevents ageing. A friend of mind also uses this oil on stretch marks and she says it works amazingly on them. Argan oil is also known to strengthen nails, just masaage a drop of oil onto your nails and cuticles before going to bed.

Whats Good about  Speaking Tree Argan Carrier Oil:

  • Packaged nicely in a tinted glass bottle
  • The brand provides additional empty roll on bottle 
  • Decently priced
  • Makes hair healthy and shiny
  • Moisturizes face
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks
  • Strengthens nails
  • cold pressed
  • Non greasy
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Mild barely there scent

What could be better

  • I would prefer a dropper instead of screw cap

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★★/5

Final Verdict:
Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer for both hair and face and will work well for all skin types. If you have dry skin give carrier and essential oils a try. Argan oil from speaking tree is organic and cold pressed which has anti ageing benefits too. Natural products work slowly but the results are definitely worth the wait. I suggest you try natural argan oil on skin and hair instead of buying expensive argan oil infused products which have overload of chemicals, silicones and sulfates present in it and less than 10% of argan oil in them.

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