Top Tips for Pregnant Women: How To Hide Baby Bump And Look Fabulous?

Do you find it difficult to wear your normal kaftan tops during the pregnancy period? Are you worried about looking weird with you belly showing up in regular clothes? Good news to all would-be mothers! Don’t worry; there are a lot of tricks to hide your baby bump and look stylish and trendy during pregnancy period by carefully choosing the kind of clothes and accessories you wear.

During these nine months journey, there are a lot of things you can do. This article will give you some fashion tips for all moms-to-be to look gorgeous. It’s not required to wear all those loose fitting and oversized clothes which will make you frumpy. You may very well celebrate your period of pregnancy by wearing the trendy maternity clothes.

It's better you avoid wearing tight and body hugging clothes during this period as it will make you feel very uncomfortable.

#1 Anarkali Gowns

They are well known for the elegance in look, and for the comfort it gives, and they are available in wide variety colors. If you love wearing salwar, then loose frock style Anarkali Gowns will be perfect for you during pregnancy period. It will help you to hide your growing bump, especially when you are attending functions.

Since the material is flowing type and has frills, to an extent, it will help you conceal your bump. There are models available with an empire waist to tone down the weight put in during pregnancy, and you may carry yourself in great comfort.

We recommend to try out the recent craze of Anarkali dress online shopping. We bet you would not regret on this one.

#2 Floor Length Gowns

Floor length gowns are another wise choice. They are available with high waistline designed especially for pregnant ladies. The flairs in the gown will give enough room for your growing belly, and you will feel super comfortable. Moreover, the light fabric of the gown will enable you to carry yourself in style and elegance.

Another advantage of the full-length gown is that it can be worn after the pregnancy period also. You can wear matching accessories also when you wear these types of gowns to enhance your looks.

Gown of natural fabrics like cotton or linen will let your skin to breathe and make you comfortable. Wear darker colors to make you look slimmer and taller in the outfit.

#3 Tops

There are fashionable tops available in the markets which are trendy and attractive. Tunics, doll tops, tank tops with ruffles over them and kaftan tops are otherwise choices of outfits during the pregnancy period. These tops can make you look stylish, and you can conceal the growing belly.

There is high demand for light weight wrap dresses as the fit can be readjusted according to the size and can be worn after your baby is delivered also. You can pair your loose fit tops with maternity skirts to provide enough ventilation for the fluctuating body temperature during pregnancy. Depending on the size of your belly empire size can be chosen to cover the growing belly.

Be careful when you select the prints on the tops; as the thumb rule is horizontal stripes makes you appear fat while vertical prints will make you look slim. Go for cardigans with fun prints to distract the attention on your bump. Try a colorful scarf or stole and that will help you conceal your stomach area as well.

Wear Flowing or draped sweaters because they tend to cover more in the stomach area. The draped open cardigan is available in lots of different colors as well as patterns which will serve the purpose, yet give you a stylish look. Wear accessories like large earnings and attractive necklaces matching your outfit. You can carry larger clutches and looser handbags to add color to your outfit.

Another important thing to be noted is that you should strictly avoid wearing heels during this period to avoid complications in pregnancy. You may go for flat shoes or foot wears to avoid a backache and other problems

In the modern world, fashion is everything and fashion is for everybody. Nobody should be left behind. Being pregnant it doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and attractive. You have all the rights to be well-dressed. I would say that pregnancy is a very beautiful phase of women's life. We should all live in pride and pomp during this phase.

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